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Wolf Dental Studio, Inc. Joins Dental Alliance Group

Posted on Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Dental Alliance Group is thrilled to announce their recent acquisition of Wolf Dental Studio, Inc. As Wolf Dental joins the DAG Network, their 40 plus years of expertise will be combined with DAG’s track record of success. Located in Beloit, WI, Wolf Dental Studio has a reputation of consistent quality and high-end esthetics for all fixed and implant cases. The Wolf team is dedicated to providing superior customer service through expertly crafted and digitally backed restorations.

Dental Alliance Group is a national dental lab network that works to preserve the qualities of individual laboratories, while future-proofing their businesses. Dental Alliance Group is focused on preserving the legacy of Wolf Dental Studio. This is done through close collaboration, personality preservation, and employee retention.

After a thorough review of its team, technology, and track record, DAG has determined that Wolf Dental Studio is an ideal laboratory to join the network. This acquisition will allow Wolf Dental to offer new products, increase operational capacity, and enhance the performance for their customers and patients. Christopher Pendry, Founder of DAG, comments, “Our recent acquisition of Wolf Dental Studio stands as a testament to their commitment to their dental clients and employees. By combining our unique strengths, DAG and Wolf will elevate our customer service to new heights, offering a diverse array of cutting-edge dental solutions. I am excited to welcome Wolf Dental Studio to the DAG Network.”

Overall, the acquisition of Wolf Dental Studio showcases Dental Alliance Group’s continuous efforts to preserve the unique qualities of individual laboratories and provide superior restorations and services to clients.

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