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Convergent Dental Reaches New Milestone as Its Solea® All-Tissue Dental Laser Is Now Being Used by Dentists in All 50 U.S. States

Posted on Tuesday, December 5, 2023

With the recent addition of Alaska, the industry-leading Solea laser is now in use nationwide, reinforcing Convergent Dental’s mission to elevate the dental experience for patients and practitioners

Convergent Dental, the power behind the Solea® All-Tissue Dental Laser, announced today that the company’s novel CO2 laser is now in use in Alaska, marking the first time that Solea laser dentistry is available to patients in all 50 U.S. states. North Coast Family Dentistry in Anchorage adopted the technology in July of this year.

“Needles and drills are common sources of anxiety for patients, and being able to limit or eliminate those variables has tremendous benefit,” said Dr. Susan Sergie, DMD, of North Coast Family Dentistry. “Since introducing Solea to our patients, we have seen a positive response and are already seeing the impact on our practice. We look forward to expanding our use of Solea as we strive to bring the best possible service to our patients.”

The Solea All-Tissue Laser is a comprehensive dental practice solution unlike any other. It’s a 9.3-µm CO2 laser that allows for anesthesia-free, blood-free, and pain-free procedures in hard and soft tissue.1 Convergent Dental unites this novel technology with education & community, enabling dentists to elevate and grow their practices through improved efficiency, patient experience, clinical effectiveness, and procedural expansion.

“Solea elevates practice possibilities and serves as a practice multiplier, allowing dentists to streamline existing procedures, add new treatments, and complement their digital technology,” said Robert L. Gershon, CEO of Convergent Dental. “We are thrilled to see continued broad-based adoption of Solea throughout North America and beyond.”

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[1] Based on report of 1000 procedures performed by Solea users. Documentation on file.

[2] Based on 2022 Annual Survey of Solea users. Documentation on file.


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