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Dentsply Sirona Launches a Series of Resources to Help Dental Professionals Develop more Sustainable Dental Practice

Posted on Wednesday, May 31, 2023

As World Environment Day approaches on June 5, Dentsply Sirona wants to emphasize their commitment to promoting sustainability and protecting the environment. To better support dental professionals in their journey towards more sustainable dental practices, Dentsply Sirona has put together a Sustainability in Dentistry Resource Kit - available free of charge – that contains resources to guide dental professionals towards a better understanding of sustainability in dentistry, giving them the chance to commit to sustainable dentistry and information on specific actions they can take in their practices and labs.

Sustainability is one of the biggest challenges facing society, and every industry – including dentistry. Last year, Dentsply Sirona conducted a global study1 amongst more than 1,300 dentists from the US, Europe, Asia and Latin America which revealed that three-quarters of the participants believe there is a knowledge gap regarding sustainability in dentistry. To help answer that need and help support dental professionals on their journey to become more sustainable in their practice or lab, Dentsply Sirona has put together a Sustainability in Dentistry Resource Kit - available free of charge on their webpage - and invites everyone to join in the sustainability challenge by taking1 step today to understand, commit or take action for more sustainable dentistry.

Resources offered

The Sustainability in Dentistry Resource Kit, aimed at helping facilitate dental professionals’ journey toward developing a more sustainable practice, consists of three parts:

● Understanding what sustainability means for dentistry, including why and how dental professionals can have an impact.

Acting more ecologically and socially responsible in everyday life does not seem so difficult, but where does one start in the dental industry? To clarify this question, Dentsply Sirona has developed a Sustainability Educational Curriculum, as part of our Clinical Educational program, called DS Academy. Continuing Education (CE) credits2 are available for each completed course. The courses are led by experienced dentists and sustainability experts who are passionate about making a difference in the dental industry.

● Taking action – Interactive Toolkit for more environmentally friendly dental practices

Dentsply Sirona is a proud co-founder of FDI World Dental Federation’s “Sustainability in Dentistry” initiative. As a result, an interactive toolkit has been designed to give concrete examples of actions dental professionals can take to reduce the environmental footprint in dental practices. Once registered, dental professionals will discover various sustainability challenges and earn recognition awards for their practice by taking on an active role in making dentistry more sustainable.

● Committing to a more sustainable dentistry – The Pledge

As another result of the partnership with FDI, a Pledge for Sustainable Dentistry has been published to invite dental professionals to show their support for environmental sustainability within oral healthcare. By signing, dental professionals express their commitment to reducing negative environmental impacts of their practice or lab.

Join the Sustainability Movement with FDI's Virtual Summit

In addition, the FDI World Dental Federation's virtual Summit on Sustainability in Dentistry will take place on the World Environment Day, June 5. Following the success of the Sustainability in Dentistry initiative, the Summit delivers captivating case studies, innovative ideas, and research projects dedicated to reducing the environmental impact of dentistry. Attendees can also look forward to a virtual display of poster abstracts and a bursary fund for participants from low-income countries. Register for the Summit here.

Taking action for a brighter world and a more sustainable dentistry

The launch of Dentsply Sirona’s Sustainability in Dentistry Resource Kit marks another milestone in the company’s commitment towards leading the advancement of sustainability in the dental industry.

This initiative is part of its sustainability strategy, BEYOND: Taking Action for a Brighter World. At the heart of BEYOND is the ambition to improve quality of and access to oral health around the world, protect the environment, being a trustworthy corporate citizen and foster a diverse and inclusive environment within the workplace and society. To achieve this, Dentsply Sirona has set itself ambitious sustainability goals, supports industry-wide co-operations and brings to the table the willingness to go above and beyond to achieve real changes for a more sustainable future across the entire dentistry.

1 Global Sustainability in Dentistry Study organized in 2022, Link to Study Report

2 Continuing Education (CE) credits valid only for US and Canada


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