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Top 10 Most Attractive Celebrity Smiles, Ranked in New Study

Posted on Friday, May 26, 2023

From Julia Roberts to Kim Kardashian, which celebrity smile do we find most attractive?

To help solve this question, dental experts from Badge Clinic scouted out 75 famous faces and extracted global Google search volume data, discovering the top 10 celebrities with the sexiest smiles and set of pearly whites!

Key points of interest

● Tom Cruise is the only male to feature in the top 10, whilst taking the top spot with more than 100k combined searches for his smile!

● Julia Roberts has the sexiest smile among all female celebrities.

● Kate Middleton takes seventh place with her iconic royal smile with nearly 5k searches having visited world-renowned French dentist Dr Didier Fillion who created her perfectly imperfect smile. 

Out of 75 celebrities, there are 22 males and 53 females claiming the title for the most attractive smile. See full data for all 75 celebrities here.

Burak Ersoy, the Founder of Badge Clinic with medical credentials including Associate Professor of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, FACS, FEBOPRAS comments:

“Humans are inherently drawn to smiles, and when those smiles belong to celebrities, the fascination is amplified. Celebrity smiles hold a unique allure because they often embody the ideals of beauty, confidence, and joy that we aspire to. From the celebrities in this list, we can see that not only are people searching for the most attractive smiles but there is a wide selection of different smiles, showing that each and every individual smile is loved and wanted.

From the data, we can see that Tom Cruise has the ‘sexiest’ smile, and whilst his teeth haven’t always been perfect, his smile is clearly famous enough to leave a lasting impression on audiences worldwide, whilst playing an iconic part in his on-screen presence.

The same can be said for Julia Roberts, whose smile is considered the most attractive among all other celebrity women. Her dazzling, mega-watt grin can light up many rooms and has featured in several (if not all) of her films. They are perfectly white, symmetrical and well proportioned, giving her that perfectly flawless smile we’ve come to love.”  

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