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Planmeca Announces Partnership With Elite Dental Partners Family of Practices

Posted on Thursday, February 23, 2023

Private practices delivering the highest standard in clinical care raise the bar

Planmeca today announces a commitment to provide extraoral dental imaging equipment to locations supported by Elite Dental Partners. Elite Dental Partners has agreed to use Planmeca 3D and 2D imaging units for existing and future sites from across the greater Midwest to the Atlantic shore that offer a range of over 25 dental services.

Clinical capabilities and patient safety protocols were significant factors in the selection by Elite Dental Partners. "The breadth and flexibility of the Planmeca extraoral imaging family made it the ideal choice for the member practices of Elite Dental Partners," stated Planmeca president Glen Kendrick. "From our robust Planmeca ProOne® and Planmeca ProMax® 2D S2 panoramic units to the advanced Planmeca ProMax® 3D LEC, dentists can select the extraoral imaging unit that is the optimal fit for their patients and variety of dental services."

Doctors that choose the capabilities of Planmeca ProMax 3D units will benefit from the advanced patient safety features, including Planmeca Ultra Low Dose™ for an average of 77% reduction in radiation dose* and Planmeca CALM® for patient movement correction.

With over 500 providers collaborating across twelve states, Elite Dental Partners practices can rely on the consistency of Planmeca imaging to support their high standards of clinical care. In addition, Planmeca's reputation for superior product quality, sustained by a network of training and support teams that work in tandem with Henry Schein Dental, the dental division of Henry Schein, Inc., will allow doctors to focus on providing care.

“We’re pleased to collaborate with Planmeca to facilitate the successful implementation of their imaging technology for Elite Dental Partners,” said Brad Connett, Chief Executive Officer, North America Distribution Group, Henry Schein. “We’re confident that our equipment service and training support will help Elite Dental Partners’ providers seamlessly adopt the technology, further enhancing patient care.”

“Planmeca is at the technological forefront in the dental industry. This partnership allows us to support, train and empower our doctors and teams to deliver Elite care to our patients,” stated Elite Dental Partners’ Chief Dental Officer, Dr. Adam Burr.


*According to “Dosimetry of Orthodontic Diagnostic FOVs Using Low Dose CBCT Protocol” by JB Ludlow and J Koivisto


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