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OrthoNu® Drives Orthodontic Office Efficiencies, and Redefines Patient Oral Care with Launch of Tweakz® for Braces and Aligners

Posted on Thursday, January 19, 2023

OrthoNu® today announced the launch of Tweakz® for Braces and Tweakz® for Aligners, ushering in an entirely new category of products specifically designed to meet the needs of orthodontic patients. The Tweakz tools are designed as an oral self-care solution to address the most common orthodontic emergencies in between visits. By addressing manageable discomforts at home until the next scheduled appointment, Tweakz keeps disruptions to a minimum for the practice and patients, which creates office efficiencies and growth opportunities.

An average practice experiences 8-10 emergency visits every day, with each visit costing an office $100 on average. Broken brackets and cutting distal ends account for 99% of braces emergencies. Rough edges and removal of overly retentive trays account for 92% of aligner emergencies. These visits cause great discomfort and interruption for patients and caregivers.

Designed by an Orthodontist, OrthoNu Tweakz 4-in-1 self-care tools are patient-friendly, professional grade, driven by science, and developed from professional tools that are trusted.

“The OrthoNu line of self-care orthodontic products focuses on emergency care, oral hygiene, oral aesthetics, and oral health, reducing the sizeable impact of emergency visits and elevating the patient experience,” said Dr. Sima Yakoby Epstein, OrthoNu Founder and CEO. “Tweakz provides orthodontists with proper tools and solutions to meet these urgent patient needs when they occur, while helping expand patient self-care capabilities, comfort, and confidence.”

Tweakz for Braces feature:

● Flush Distal End Cutter: Eliminates sharp wires by cutting and holding the cut wire piece for safety

● Dental Pick: Removes broken or dislodged brackets with ease (self-ligating or conventional) and food interproximally between teeth and appliances

● Rubber Band Applicator: Removes and replaces rubber bands with ease

● Diamond Dental File: Smooths out rough spots on brackets and hooks

Tweakz for Aligners feature:

● Dental Pick: Removes food and debris interproximally

● Rubber Band Applicator: Removes and replaces rubber bands with ease

● Aligner Remover: Removes retentive aligners

● Diamond Dental File: Smooths out rough spots on aligners

Tweakz tools come in a travel case with mirror and are available now to order at

“With Tweakz tools, we can provide our patients with safe self-care solutions, at the beginning of their treatment, to address the most common orthodontic emergencies while at home or on-the-go, and in between office visits. Tweakz are truly a welcomed advancement for the industry that will save practices time and expenses resulting from emergency visits,” said Dr. Jamie Reynolds, Reynolds Orthodontics.

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