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Changing The Oral Cancer Screening Paradigm

Posted on Thursday, December 15, 2022

LED Dental Inc., the leader in adjunctive screening technology, announced its official partnership with KELLS Artificial Intelligence technology, to analyze and interpret oral abnormalities and provide clinical insights to VELscope® customers.

LED Dental Inc., announces today it is partnering with KELLS, an AI-powered company providing accessible oral services for early detection and prevention of disease. The partnership will provide LED Dental’s VELscope customers the opportunity to utilize KELLS advanced technology to analyze oral abnormalities to provide greater direction for patient care.

Early detection and appropriate clinical management of oral abnormalities by dental professionals is critical because of the risk of oral cancer. The 5-year relative survival rate for oral cancer in the US is less than 40% when diagnosed in late stages but over 86% if diagnosed when it is still localized in the mouth. Unfortunately, only 28% of oral cancer is discovered while it is still localized. The combination of the innovative VELscope direct visualization fluorescence technology and photo documentation with KELLS AI technology provides a significant opportunity to improve the detection and diagnostic process.

With thousands of images available from VELscope users, teaching institutions, and clinical researchers, LED Dental and KELLS are well-positioned to utilize KELLS AI technology to build powerful and sophisticated AI-powered image and data analysis algorithms. The images are associated with a variety of oral abnormalities and can train these proprietary AI-powered algorithms with the goal of providing additional guidance for clinicians in assessing the potential risk of the abnormalities and deciding on next steps in clinical management.

“With an increase in AI utilization throughout the medical industry, our goal is to provide clinicians with greater confidence in their assessment of risk and treatment planning,” said Wayne Rees, CEO of LED Dental. “Soon, VELscope users will be able to experience a new level of confidence, gratification, and enhanced patient care with the use of KELLS AI technology.”

“KELLS is committed to bringing better oral and overall health to everyone by making early detection and prevention universally accessible”, said Dr. Jie Feng, co-founder and CEO of KELLS. “With this partnership, we believe we can empower dental professionals to improve patient care and ultimately save lives.”

LED Dental has been a leader in enhanced oral assessment and continues to expand its offerings to provide greater value to its customers and ultimately to their patients. To learn more about the potential of VELscope customers accessing the power of Artificial Intelligence, please visit


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