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Septodont Announces a New Product: BioRoot™ Flow – Bioceramic Root Canal Sealer

Posted on Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Lancaster, Pa. March, 23, 2022. Septodont, leading manufacturer of dental anesthetics, announces a new and exciting bioceramic root canal sealer - BioRoot™ Flow. Clinical advantages of this proprietary hydraulic sealer technology include:

• Creates an alkaline environment unfavorable for bacterial growth

• Long-lasting Ca release essential for bioactivity and mineral tag formation

• Ample working time of >60 minutes for multi-rooted molars

• Pure mineral formulation (eugenol- and resin-free) eliminates shrinkage, microleakage,

and staining

• Can be used with warm and cold obturation techniques – you have a choice

• Easy and fast to removal when retreating

• Cost-effective, premixed 2g syringe with 20 bendable tips (item# 01E0510)

“Clinicians need a sealer that helps ensure the myriad of cases they see will be as successful as possible. Septodont’s newest product, BioRoot Flow, does just that – it’s easy to use, allows for warm and cold obturation techniques, and provides all doctors with a successful solution.” Paul Mondock, President of the Americas, Septodont.

Septodont has over 90 years dedicated to developing and manufacturing innovative products for dental professionals. With our long tradition of distributing a wide range of quality products for dental professionals such as local anesthetic cartridges, topical gels, dental needles, obturation powders and pastes to innovative solutions in dental bioceramic materials and endodontics. Dentists worldwide can rely on consistent quality and outstanding customer service.

For more information call Septodont 800-872-8305. Available through your authorized dealer.


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