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Myerson, LLC Expands CAD/CAM Offerings with Dentivera® Milling Disc

Posted on Monday, December 21, 2020

Myerson, LLC announced they are acquiring assets related to the Dentivera™ milling disc from Solvay® Specialty Polymers USA, LLC. Solvay has also granted Myerson an exclusive license for the dental industry to use the Ultaire® AKP trademark.

“Advancing Dentistry for over 100 Years, Myerson works to provide quality products and exceptional service to enhance smiles globally. Adding the Dentivera™ milling disc to the Myerson family of products gives us the opportunity to broaden the solutions we provide for patients needing partial dentures and other removable dental appliances,” says Jim Swartout, Myerson’s President and CEO. 

Dentivera™ is the only milling disc made from Ultaire® AKP. Dentivera is a clinically proven product and was specifically designed to meet the critical performance requirements for removable partial denture frames.

Ultaire® AKP is an innovative aryl ketone polymer that was purposefully engineered to provide a biocompatible, lightweight, and non-irritating alternative to metal. It was formulated to be rigid and supportive, yet have enough flexibility to protect the abutment teeth and preserve gum tissue. Ultaire® AKP frames are digitally designed for an accurate fit and hold their shape so they require fewer adjustments, saving dentists and patients time and money.

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