Formlabs Adds New Leadership and Materials

Posted on March 14, 2019

Formlabs is bringing some big news to IDS 2019 – in the form of personnel and materials.

Steffen Boehm will join the company as General Manager of Dental. Previously, Boehm served as Nobel Biocare’s Vice President, Digital Dentistry. The company will also reveal a broadened spectrum of Digital Denture shade options, now offering two color base options and a range of four tooth shades. Finally, Formlabs will release improvements to its Dental Model materials, which are used to create models and clear aligners. Now it can be printed at 140-micron settings, enabling one arch to be printed in under 45 minutes and 7 arches in under 4 hours.

Since the last IDS, Formlabs has made some significant progress in the dental and orthodontic industries, adding four new dental materials to its dental offering:

• Dental Model

• Dental LT Clear

• Digital Dentures

• Castable Wax

To date, Formlabs has a robust offering of six dental materials that are available to be used interchangeably on the Form 2 SLA 3D printer.

Since launching in the dental industry in 2016, Form 2 users have completed more than 175,000 surgeries with Dental SG, made more than 35,000 splints, and 3D printed more than 1.75 million dental parts.

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