Nobel Biocare adds dynamic navigation to digital workflow, extends range of regenerative and edentulous solutions

Posted on October 15, 2018

At the 2018 Annual Scientific Meeting of the European Association for Osseointegration, held in Vienna, Austria, October 11–13, Nobel Biocare announced the next step in its digital workflow with a new option for same-day guided surgery made possible by DTX Studio Implant and the X-Guide dental navigation system. In addition, the company introduced creos mucogain, a resorbable collagen matrix for soft-tissue regeneration, as well as NobelPro Line which highlights the possibilities of Nobel Biocare’s comprehensive range of edentulous treatment solutions.

DTX Studio Implant empowers X-Guide™

With X-Guide, clinicians have a new treatment option for same-day surgery available now that DTX Studio Implant empowers this innovative system for dynamic 3D navigation. With the official launch for European markets at EAO in Vienna, treatment plans from DTX Studio Implant (formerly NobelClinician) can be instantly delivered to the patient, providing a workflow for diagnostics, implant planning and dynamically navigated implant surgeries, even during emergency interventions where computer-assisted surgeries until now could not be fully applied.

With DTX Studio Implant and X-Guide, clinicians can achieve high precision shorter time-to-teeth treatments including screw-retained provisionalization with full three-dimensional control of their implant site preparation and dynamically monitored implant insertion. The procedure only takes minutes from the CBCT scanning to the start of the surgery. Similar to a GPS in a car, X-Guide provides stable, lag-free real-time 3D intraoral guidance of the drill and implant position in relation to patient anatomy.

X-Guide is manufactured by X-Nav, a North America-based innovator in dental 3D navigation who has exclusively partnered with Nobel Biocare.

creos™ mucogain: The natural alternative to autologous soft-tissue grafts

Extending Nobel Biocare’s range of solutions for guided bone regeneration and guided tissue regeneration, the new creos mucogain resorbable collagen matrix is intended be used as an alternative for autologous soft-tissue grafts in various soft-tissue indications such as soft-tissue volume augmentation and root coverage in submerged healing.* Composed of highly purified porcine collagen and elastin fibers, it features an open interconnecting porous structure designed to promote soft-tissue regeneration through the migration of cells and blood vessels into the matrix.1,2

The matrix offers high stress resistance and suture retention2 that is sufficient for the tunneling technique.3 Thanks to a “memory effect”, it retains its initial volume when hydrated.2 Available in different sizes (15x20 mm and 25x30 mm) as well as thicknesses (3 and 5 mm) creos mucogain also offers excellent handling as it can be used directly out of the packaging and trimmed to precisely fit the surgical site.3

Mastering the extreme with NobelPro Line™

Highlighting its comprehensive range of edentulous treatment solutions, Nobel Biocare is further positioning its leading implants dedicated to extreme and complex cases under the brand NobelPro Line. The portfolio showcases the benefits of Immediate Function along with the latest advancements in minimally-invasive care. With an assortment of clinically successful and proven treatment options, ranging from NobelSpeedy to NobelZygoma, clinicians can take the All-on-4® treatment concept to new heights and treat even the most challenging maxillary cases with moderate up to severe resorption.¨

For advanced clinicians who want to take the next step with NobelPro Line, Nobel Biocare will be offering tailored training in addition to existing courses dedicated to enhancing their skills in edentulous treatment. More details will become available in 2019.

More information on DTX Studio Implant, X-Guide, creos mucogain and NobelPro Line is available at

Hans Geiselhöringer, President of Nobel Biocare said: “At Nobel Biocare we take great pride in bringing cutting-edge technology and solutions to clinicians worldwide. With the addition of dynamic navigation to our digital workflow, we look forward to helping more clinicians leverage the latest in implant treatment technology. Together with forward-looking regenerative solutions like creos mucogain as well as NobelPro Line for extreme edentulous indications, we now have better treatment options available to provide patients Immediate Function and excellent esthetics.”


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