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NuShores Biosciences receives $1.7 million grant to study bone regeneration technology

Posted on Tuesday, September 25, 2018

A University of Arkansas at Little Rock spin-off company, NuShores Biosciences, LLC, has received a $1.7 million grant to study how NuShores’ bone regeneration technology can be applied in craniofacial tissues. 

The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, a component of the National Institutes of Health, has awarded the company a 2.5-year Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Fast Track grant to study the NuCress™ bone filler scaffold’s ability to facilitate dental implants in the jaw.

“This NIH award is a direct result of the profound study results in long bone delivered by our research collaborators at UA Little Rock and the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine. The reviewers were able to clearly see the potential in dental applications for this technology. I’m excited to work with world-class clinicians to study the NuCress™ scaffold for the future benefit of their patients,” states Sharon Ballard, NuShores’ CEO.

The NuCress™ scaffold is a nanomaterial-based bone regeneration device developed for large segmental defects. This development is led by Dr. Alex Biris, the director and chief scientist of the UA Little Rock Center for Integrative Nanotechnology Sciences and a professor of systems engineering in the Donaghey College of Engineering and Information Technology. 

“This is a significant win to expand NuShores’ technology, made possible through our university relationships, Arkansas’ small business development infrastructure, and tireless work by a dedicated team. We are grateful,” said Biris.

NuShores has partnered with Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine on this grant. If successful, the scaffold will be a transformational tool for surgeons involved in bone regeneration in a variety of fields.

Founded in 2014, NuShores has the exclusive, global license from UA Little Rock to commercialize university-owned patented and patent-pending technologies related to the NuCress™ scaffold. The company has received assistance from the Arkansas Small Business and Technology Development Center. 

The NuCress™ scaffold has already given a number of animals a new lease on life. For example, just last year, it was used at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine to heal Hercules, an alpaca who broke his leg on his ranch in Lebanon, Tennessee, at only 24 hours old. The open wound and exposed bone led to a serious infection, which prevented the bone from healing properly. Against the odds, the scaffold eliminated the infection and completely regenerated the missing bone. Thanks to the NuCress™ scaffold, Hercules is now a thriving member of his herd.

About the SBIR Program

The SBIR program involves 11 federal agencies investing more than $3 billion a year in high risk/high payoff research and development conducted by the nation’s leading science-technology innovators.

NuShores’ award is known as a Fast Track Grant, where funding occurs when SBIR Phase I and Phase II proposals are peer reviewed at the same time and granted in a single award. This approach expedites funding and research for the companies. Research described in this press release is supported by the National Center for Dental and Craniofacial Research of the National Institutes of Health under award number 1R44DE028213-01.

Nonprofit Dental Clinics to Benefit From Online Auction

Posted on Tuesday, September 25, 2018

“Every Bid Brings a Smile” is the new slogan for America’s ToothFairy’s annual fundraiser to support oral health care for children in need. Kids won’t be the only ones smiling according to Jill Malmgren, Executive Director of America’s ToothFairy. “Our online auction is known for great deals on dental equipment and supplies, and that’s true. But we also have some fantastic items up for bid this year that would put a smile on anyone’s face.”

Formerly known as The ToothFairy Ball and Online Auction, the event also has a new name, Bid For Smiles. “We wanted to emphasize who this fundraiser benefits,” Malmgren added. “We believe every child deserves a healthy smile but there are too many under-served children in America who are suffering from the pain of tooth decay and other oral health issues. 100% of the proceeds from the auction will fund programs and resources to help the nonprofit clinics that treat them.” America’s ToothFairy will hold its fifth annual online auction from September 30 through October 6.

Most items up for bid include discounts of up to 50% off retail prices, and include an Apple Watch, T Squared Ts-713i Standard Series putter, Bien-Air iOptima Electric Handpiece system, Isolite 3 Isolation system, Cavitron Select SPS Ultrasonic Scaler, and a 3M Elipar DeepCure-S LED Curing Light in addition to golf and spa getaways, NASCAR experiences, tickets to the Country Music Awards, sports memorabilia, collectibles, and more. To receive updates and reminders about the event register online at

In addition to donating auction items, generous corporations and dental practices are participating as campaign sponsors. Each $5,000 sponsor will have a ToothFairy Grant awarded in their name to a member of the America’s ToothFairy Dental Resource Program. Since the first auction in 2014, over $450,000 in ToothFairy Grants have been distributed with funds raised through this campaign to member clinics and community programs providing preventive services and restorative treatment to children who are uninsured or from low-income families.

Corporate Campaign Sponsors for this year’s event include Henry Schein, Medicom, 3M, Patterson Dental, MidMark, Heartland Dental, Kleer, and Sheets, Paquette & Wu Dental Practice. “Our sponsors really stepped it up this year,” said Jill Malmgren, Executive Director of America’s ToothFairy. “We are excited about the support we have received and the great items up for bid. Our generous sponsors and auction item donors will make it possible for more children to access the dental care they need to achieve optimal oral health and academic success.”

Event sponsors and auction item donations are still being accepted. Contact Jess McDonald at or call 704-719-9089.

About America’s ToothFairy

As a resource provider, America’s ToothFairy increases access to oral health care by supporting non-profit clinics and community partners delivering education, prevention, and treatment services for underserved children. Since its inception in 2006, America’s ToothFairy has distributed more than $19 million in donated products, educational materials, and financial grants to improve oral health outcomes for children and youth in need. For more information, visit

NYU Dentistry Awarded $2.27 Million to Examine Age-Related Changes in Bone

Posted on Monday, September 24, 2018

The National Institute of Aging, part of the National Institutes of Health, has awarded a grant to researchers at New York University College of Dentistry (NYU Dentistry) to unravel the distinct and overlapping effects of normal aging and the age-related decrease in growth hormone on bone health. The grant provides nearly $2.27 million to NYU Dentistry over five years.

The world older population (aged 65 and older) is increasing and is projected to rise from 8.5 percent to date to 17 percent of the world population by 2050. In the developing world, chronic diseases are the main causes of mortality and morbidity in old age. With the increase in the elderly population we expect to see more people with senile osteoporosis (age-induced bone loss) and fractured hips. Increases in primary or secondary prevention efforts are expected to have significant impact on skeletal health in older age. 

Age-induced changes in bone are thought to result from two causes: somatopause, the age-related decline in growth hormone (GH) and insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1), and normal changes in bone cell activity and tissue properties. The processes are overlapping, but their distinct effects on bone loss have not yet been established.

GH and IGF-1 are key endocrine factors regulating body composition (lean and fat mass), acquiring bone mass, and maintaining bone mineral density during adulthood and aging. Somatopause has been considered a significant cause for changes in body composition, bone mineral density, as well as increased morbidity and mortality. Strategies to increase GH and IGF-1 in bone tissue during aging are expected to improve bone quality, which would have a profound economic impact by decreasing the health care costs of age-related bone disease. 

“Developing new approaches to combat age-induced bone loss and bone fragility requires a basic understanding of the molecular mechanisms responsible for bone cells dysfunction. Our research will help us to better understand the effect of somatopause on the viability and function of osteocytes, the most abundant bone cells,” said Shoshana Yakar, PhD, associate professor of basic science and craniofacial biology at NYU Dentistry and the study’s principal investigator.

The NIH-funded research builds on a long-standing collaboration between Yakar, an expert in GH and IGF-1 physiology; Mitchell Schaffler, PhD, of City College, City University of New York, an expert in osteocytes and bone biomechanics; and NYU Dentistry’s Evgeny Pavlov, PhD, an expert in mitochondria. 

Together, the researchers will study the bone integrity of mice in order to determine the mechanisms by which changes in GH and IGF-1 affect osteocytes of aging bones. 

“Our research links three hallmarks of aging: altered intercellular communication, which is central to tissue integrity; mitochondrial dysfunction, which is central to cell survival; and deregulated nutrient sensing, which is central to cellular metabolism,” said Yakar.

Findings from their studies will provide a global view of how osteocytes respond to somatopause and normal aging, highlight new potential target genes that play roles in response to stress, and provide a roadmap to develop strategies to prevent or delay bone loss during aging.

The research is supported by the National Institute of Aging under award number R01AG056397.

About NYU College of Dentistry

Founded in 1865, New York University College of Dentistry (NYU Dentistry) is the third oldest and the largest dental school in the US, educating nearly 10 percent of all dentists. NYU Dentistry has a significant global reach with a highly diverse student body. Visit for more.

New Safety Eyewear Serves Dental Professionals and Patients on Multiple Levels

Posted on Monday, September 24, 2018

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), thousands of people are blinded each year from work-related eye injuries, the majority of which could have been prevented with safety eyewear. Eye injuries alone cost more than $300 million per year in lost production time, medical expenses, and worker compensation.1

Palmero Healthcare, the leader in dental safety eyewear and a Hu-Friedy subsidiary, understands the dental professional’s vital need to protect their practice and their patients and is pleased to introduce Provision® New Safety Eyewear, nine unique styles that serve dental professionals and patients on multiple levels.

Dental professionals continually perform tasks placing them and their patients at risk for exposure to blood, saliva, and respiratory droplets. Palmero’s Provision New Safety Eyewear protects against spray, splash, and splatter for infection control; eliminates blue light exposure; and protects from high impact flying projectiles that can cause permanent damage to the eye. In addition, all of the styles are comfortable enough to ensure compliance!

From broad protective products consisting of full-face shields and goggles, to more procedure specific systems like laser safety and bonding glasses, Palmero’s Provision New Safety Eyewear offers the ultimate in comfort, convenience, and affordability. In addition, our safety eyewear meets the ANSI Z87.1 eye and face protection standards with UVA and UVB protection.

“We recommend dental professionals implement an Eye Conservation Program for their practice by using the four C’s of safety eyewear: Certified, Clarity, Comfort, and Compliance,” said Karen Neiner, president of Palmero Healthcare, LLC.

Certified: Safety eyewear should incorporate a wraparound design for full coverage and meet industry standards and guidelines for lens, cornea, and retina protection (ANSIZ87.1, OSHA, and CDC). It must be manufactured from high impact resistant materials to protect from flying debris and projectiles and encompass a specialty bonding lens to filter out damaging Blue Light (400 nm- 500 nm) levels to the retina.

Clarity: Anti-fog coating, scratch resistant technologies, and superior lens designs provide excellent optics for visual acuity.

Comfort: There are many styles with a broad range of frame, temple, and nose bridge designs. Individualized fit provides all day security and optimal comfort.

Compliance: Designs that provide practitioners incentives to use safety eyewear in every procedure, every day.

Palmero’s Provision New Safety Eyewear meets the four C’s and comes in a variety of options.

All of the Provision lines come in lightweight frames. Provision Allure, Air, Element, and Clarity also come in an ultra-lightweight design. Goggles can be cumbersome, but not our ultra-light Eyesaver Sleeks. Their sleek design fits over prescription eyewear and adjustable temples allow for broader facial fit. Our ProVision EZ-Focals are also extremely comfortable. The wraparound frame is contoured with soft tips for added comfort, grip, and a secure fit. ProVision Clarity provides incredibly clear and uninterrupted vision with its enhanced ultra anti-fog technology. It also fits small/narrow and medium face shapes. ProVision Flexiwrap provides full wraparound protection and a secure, comfortable fit with shorter, soft touch temples and a soft nose bridge.

The anti-static and anti-fogging features of ProVision Infinity provide added protection and venting. It’s also enhanced with a pantoscopic tilt feature. Ratcheting temple arms allow for customizable fit and optimal comfort.

The full 50mm diameter-magnifying lens of Palmero’s ProVision Econo Loupes provides a fully enhanced clinical field and is a lightweight alternative to traditional loupes. It reduces eye strain and increases visual precision.

Safety eyewear is essential for all dental professionals and their patients. Eye protection must always be provided whenever necessary. Incorporate the Four C’s in your practice. Protect your eyesight and the eyesight of your patients with Palmero’s full line of safety eyewear.

For more detailed product information, visit, email, or call 800.344.6424


1 - OSHA Eye and Face Protection eTool, (

Glenn Hart, CPA, Joins Ivoclar Vivadent Senior Management Team

Posted on Monday, September 24, 2018

Chris Holden, Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer for Ivoclar Vivadent, has announced that Glenn Hart, CPA, will be joining the company in the position of Vice President of Finance & Administration. In this position, Mr. Hart will be responsible for overseeing the North American Financial Organization. Reporting directly to Mr. Holden, he will be based out of the company’s North American headquarters in Amherst, New York.

Mr. Hart began his career at Ernst & Young, LLP, in Buffalo, New York. Thereafter, he held management positions at Northrop Grumman Corporation and was Vice President of Finance and Corporate Controller at Cleveland BioLabs, Inc. Mr. Hart most recently served in a Senior Finance role at Delaware North Companies, Inc., where he oversaw 50 operating units. Mr. Hart has an MBA from Cornell University and a bachelor's degree in accounting from Canisius College.

In a United Effort to Stop Cavities and Fight for a Healthier Future, Community Groups Across North America Announce Activities as Part of Third Annual World Cavity-Free Future Day

Posted on Friday, September 21, 2018

NEW YORKSept. 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Looking ahead to October 14, 2018, the third annual World Cavity-Free Future Day (WCFFD), the Canada-U.S. Chapter of the Alliance for a Cavity-Free Future (ACFF) is announcing several events to address the need for greater global awareness of dental caries. 

Dental caries, when left unaddressed in its early stages, can lead to dental cavities. Worldwide, 60–90% of school children and nearly 100% of adults have dental caries.1 In the United States, statistics show 18.6% of children and 31.6% of adults have untreated dental caries2 and most don't know that early stages of dental caries can be prevented and controlled.

Cavities are preventable – by following three simple steps, everyone can work towards a cavity-free future:

1.       Brush your teeth twice a day, for two minutes with a fluoride toothpaste.

2.       Reduce the amount of sugar you consume, and the frequency at which you consume it. 

3.       Make sure you schedule (and attend) regular check-ups with your dental team.

"In light of the high prevalence of dental decay in North America, World Cavity-Free Future Day reminds us that bringing together the experiences of dental and other health professionals as well as patients is the key to building a successful model for caries prevention," said Margherita Fontana, DDS, PhD, Professor, University of Michigan School of Dentistry, and Co-Chair, Canada-U.S. Chapter of the Alliance for a Cavity-Free Future.

To raise awareness, several programs will be taking place from October 8 – 14 including visits from the Colgate Bright Smiles, Bright Futures® van. For more details, contact them via

"Creating a cavity-free future will require a widespread shift in behavior that is only possible through cooperation and action," said Robert Schroth, Associate Professor in the Department of Preventive Dental Science (Dr. Gerald Niznick College of Dentistry) and the Department of Pediatrics & Child Health (Max Rady College of Medicine), University of Manitoba, and Co-Chair, Canada-U.S. Chapter of the Alliance for a Cavity-Free Future. "Now, more than ever, improving access to dental care for families and promoting early first dental visits for infants is of utmost importance as we renew our commitment to fighting cavities while working towards our goal of a cavity-free future." 

More information and resources on cavity prevention can be found here: and

About The Alliance for a Cavity-Free Future:  

The Alliance for a Cavity-Free Future ( is a global not-for-profit organisation which seeks to promote integrated clinical and public health action to confront the disease burden of caries, fight caries initiation and progression, and, along with a global community of supporters, progress towards a Cavity-Free Future for all age groups. The ACFF was established in collaboration with a worldwide panel of experts in dentistry and public health who share a fervent belief in joining together across professional, geographic, and stakeholder lines, to create a unified global movement dutifully committed to combating caries in communities around the world. The ACFF is supported by Colgate-Palmolive Company, which supports improved oral health through its partnership with the dental professional and government and public health agencies.

About Colgate-Palmolive:

Colgate-Palmolive is a leading global consumer products company, tightly focused on Oral Care, Personal Care, Home Care and Pet Nutrition. Colgate sells its products in over 200 countries and territories around the world under such internationally recognized brand names as Colgate, Palmolive, Softsoap, Irish Spring, Protex, Sorriso, Kolynos, Emex, Tom's of Maine, Sanex, Ajax, Axion, Soupline, and Suavitel, as well as Hill's Science Diet, Hill's Prescription Diet and Hill's Ideal Balance. For more information about Colgate's global business, visit the Company's web site at

LED Medical Diagnostics Subsidiary Apteryx, Inc. Awarded a Five-Year Contract With the United States Dept. of Veteran’s Affairs Federal Supply Schedule (FSS)

Posted on Thursday, September 20, 2018

LED Medical Diagnostics Inc. ("LED Medical" or "the Company") is pleased to announce that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Apteryx, Inc., has been awarded a VA Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) 65 II C contract for Dental Equipment and Supplies. The five-year contract, # 36F79718D0582, is effective from 9/15/2018 through 9/14/2023 and includes a renewal option for an additional five year period. The contract award provides Apteryx the ability to serve as a preferred supplier of dental imaging products, software and services to United States government institutions worldwide.

“This award expands our reach to U.S. government agencies and helps us build upon our existing customer relationships within the Department of Defense,” stated Dr. David Gane, CEO of LED Medical.

Delegated authority by the General Services Administration (GSA), the VA Federal Supply Schedule (FSS) program supports the healthcare acquisition needs of the VA and other government agencies. By utilizing this FSS contract vehicle, government buyers enjoy the benefits of pre-negotiated pricing, guaranteeing the government best-value solutions, pre-negotiated terms and conditions, greatly reduced paperwork, significantly expedited delivery and ease of meeting small business goals.

“We are proud to be recognized as a preferred supplier to the United States government on the dental technology schedule,” Gane concluded. “We anticipate a mutually rewarding future in working with U.S. government agencies.”

Government agencies interested in learning more about dental imaging technologies from Apteryx may visit or call 844.952.7327.

About LED Medical Diagnostics Inc.

LED Medical Diagnostics Inc. is a dental imaging technology provider focused on delivering state-of-the-art imaging software and systems. Through its wholly-owned subsidiaries LED Dental Inc., LED Dental Ltd., and Apteryx, Inc., LED Medical has provided dentists and oral health specialists with advanced diagnostic imaging products and software for over 20 years. LED’s proprietary technologies include the VELscope Vx Enhanced Oral Assessment and TUXEDO Intraoral Sensors, in addition to Apteryx’s XrayVision, XVWeb and XrayVision DCV imaging software solutions.

Backed by an experienced leadership team and dedicated to a higher level of service and support, LED is committed to providing dental practitioners with the best technology available by identifying and adding leading products to its growing portfolio. The Company is currently listed on the TSX-V under the symbol LMD, the

First Fully Online Interactive Dental Implant Course Launched

Posted on Thursday, September 20, 2018

At 8am this morning, the very first interactive and completely online based dental implantology course was launched by the team at Implant Ninja Education. The primary instructor and founder, Dr.Ivan Chicchon, developed the course to make learning the foundational steps and techniques involved in placing implants affordable, manageable, digestible and most importantly, entertaining.

Dr. Chicchon believes anyone interested in starting to predictably place dental implants in their practice should have everything they need without having to invest tens of thousands of dollars and years of their lives. Students will have lifetime access to all of the course resources such as step-by-step videos, reference text and downloadable forms so that they can refer to it at any time. The course can also be quickly accessed, even in between patients if necessary, via an app.

“We’re really excited because this platform offers an experience that is going to change the way people see online education. In contrast to other courses out there, ours engages the users and the material is very straightforward rather than dull and academic. It's packed of useful and practical tips that can be put to use immediately. I'm really excited to see the impact this is going to have.” Dr. Ivan Those interested can get more information on the course as well as Dr. Ivan's All-On-X Handbook at

Current Offers: CDA Presents Attendees can save more than 20% if they buy the course or handbook at the booth. #1635 10% discount is being offered during the launch period (valid until Sept 22nd).

Darby Dental Supply Announces Rebranding to Reflect Expansion of Services

Posted on Thursday, September 20, 2018

Darby Dental Supply has unveiled a new logo and tagline as part of an extensive rebranding initiative. As an outward-facing symbol of the company’s evolution into a full-service supply and services provider, the rebranding consists of five key transformations: a new, modern logo, packaging redesign for Darby’s 4000+ Darby Brand products, a new advertising campaign, an updated look and features upgrade for the company’s ecommerce site and app, and a revamp of all branded assets.

The new brand identity is a reflection of the company’s recent transformation into a full service supplier. One of the fastest growing dental suppliers in the United States, Darby has invested in a number of growth initiatives in the last three years, including the addition of a capital equipment division; a surgical division; expanded Darby Brand offerings; an exclusive partnership with Dental Fix Rx to provide on-site equipment service; and Darby TechForce, the company’s new technology services arm. Most recently, Darby acquired the dental supply division of West Coast-based distributor SmartPractice, secured a new, larger lease for its Coral Springs, FL location adjacent to I-95 in Deerfield Beach, and is currently in the process of expanding its state-of-the-art Reno, Nevada warehouse to double in size.

The company’s new tagline, “Where Supplies Meet Solutions” represents Darby’s robust portfolio of offerings and its commitment to providing meaningful solutions to dental practices of all sizes and specialties.

“Our ever-changing industry landscape requires a more modern, solutions-focused way of operating,” remarked Michael Caputo, president of Darby Dental Supply. “Our transformation has been continuous over the last few years, and it is time that our outward image reflect our internal growth and commitment to our customers.”

Darby’s new advertising campaign will debut throughout September, followed by the launch of the updated website and mobile app, both which have been redesigned to reflect Darby’s new look. The company also plans to unveil new packaging for its extensive Darby Brand line of products throughout 2019.

About Darby Dental Supply

Darby Dental Supply, LLC, is one of the largest dental distributors in the United States, shipping over one million orders each year. Headquartered in Jericho, NY, the company was founded in 1948 and has seven sales offices and three fully-automated distribution centers strategically positioned across the country. With over 50,000 products in stock, Darby services the general practitioner as well as numerous specialties. In addition to Darby’s supply vertical, the company also hosts a technology services division (Darby TechForce®), a capital equipment division, a surgical division, equipment repair services (through an exclusive partnership with Dental Fix RX), and a full line of private label products.


New Representative Joins Nowak Dental Supplies

Posted on Thursday, September 20, 2018

Dave Bacus, Nowak's newest employee, has been actively involved the dental industry since 2003. Over the years, he has helped customers choose the right products for their laboratories including dental laboratory supplies, dental alloys, and digital milling materials. In his spare time, Dave enjoys spending time with his family and friends, exercising, hiking, and working on cars.








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