Wichita Dentist Joins Acclaimed Dental Clinical Education Program

Posted on November 30, 2015

TEMPE, Ariz. Nov 19, 2015 -- Dr. Eric Farmer joins dental continuing education program Clinical Mastery Series as a member of the Clinical Faculty, bringing his 25 years of experience practicing general and esthetic dentistry in Wichita, Kansas to the acclaimed team. Dr. Farmer will contribute his enthusiasm for complex cases that involve working in a collaborative relationship with specialists.

“From about 2008 to the present day I have accumulated about 800 hours in CE. When you get excited about what you do, there is a natural instinct to want to learn more,” says Dr. Farmer. “My passion is patient care and the difference we can make in our patients’ lives. I am also passionate about the people who make up my team.”

Graduating from University of Nebraska College of Dentistry in 1991, Dr. Farmer has spent his career building a well-rounded practice that enables him to do complete dentistry. Alongside his fast-paced, high-energy practice, Dr. Farmer is a past president of the Wichita District Dental Society and is currently on the Board of Delegates of the Kansas Dental Association.

For much of the first half of his career, Dr. Farmer considered continuing education a hoop to be jumped through. “I took a few of the popular continuums over the years and they left me uninspired and frankly a bit intimidated by the instructors and [I] never really felt like I left a course with real tools that I would be able to incorporate into my practice.”

Dr. Farmer’s perspective changed in 2008 when he took his first course with CMS. He says, “Having already taken a multitude of occlusion courses my expectation was that I would get my 16 hours and move on. What I discovered is that they provided the critical pieces for me to all of a sudden integrate all that I had learned in 17 years of practice.”

“We are honored to have Dr. Eric Farmer join our team. His commitment and passion are evident and he’s a great addition to the team,” says Clinical Director Dr. John Nosti.

Clinical Mastery Series is a leader in dental clinical education, empowering dentists to master restorative skills and business practices through a broad base of instruction opportunities and an acclaimed faculty including Director of Education Dr. Lee Ann Brady, Clinical Director, Dr. John Nosti, Director of Aesthetics and Photography, Dr. Jason Olitsky and Faculty Director, Dr. Michael Smith. Visit their website at https://www.clinicalmastery.com/.

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