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Colgate Total Introduces New Daily Repair Toothpaste

Posted on Thursday, July 16, 2015

NEW YORKJuly 16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Colgate is proud to announce a new addition to the Colgate Total® portfolio, Colgate Total® Daily Repair Toothpaste. This new toothpaste helps reverse early damage1 to teeth and gums for better oral health.

With the new Colgate Total® Daily Repair Toothpaste, consumers are encouraged to be proactive about their oral health. The toothpaste contains a multi-active formula that helps repair early teeth and gum damage1 before many may even know it exists. Consumers who add the new toothpaste to their daily oral care routine will benefit from stronger enamel and healthier gums.

Colgate Total® Daily Repair Toothpaste re-mineralizes weakened enamel to help prevent cavities and strengthen teeth. Additionally, the toothpaste kills bacteria that causes gingivitis to promote healthy gums and protect against cavities, plaque and tartar. Finally, it also whitens teeth and freshens breath.

"Many consumers wait until they see visible signs of teeth and gum damage before they act," said Philip Durocher, Vice President and General Manager, U.S. Oral Care Marketing, Colgate-Palmolive. "With Colgate Total® Daily Repair Toothpaste, consumers are able to take the important first step towards better oral health - there's no need to wait until it will be too late."

Colgate Total® Daily Repair Toothpaste is available in a 4.0oz and 5.8oz tube at mass retail, drug and grocery stores nationwide. For more information on the Colgate Total® portfolio of products, visit

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