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Jay Geier's Scheduling Institute Reaches Milestone: 10,000 In-Office Trainings

Posted on Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Alpharetta, GA -- July 13, 2015 -- Scheduling Institute, a dental consulting & training company based in Alpharetta, Georgia, achieved a huge milestone last month—they completed 10,000 on-site, in-office trainings for dental and orthodontic teams around the world since 2008.

Founded in 1997, Scheduling Institute has become the largest dental consulting, training and coaching company in the world, helping thousands of dentists to get more new patients and make more money, all while working less. This allows them to spend more time with their families, pursue personal fulfillment, and give generously to their communities.

With nearly 200 team members, a team of over 52 Certified Dental Training Specialists, the company is headquartered just outside the City of Atlanta in their 40,000 square foot office center. For the convenience of their clients, Jay Geier and the Scheduling Institute also opened a state-of-the-art 28,000 foot training facility within one mile of Atlanta's Jackson-Hartsfield International Airport in 2010. In February 2015, a new training facility opened for all West Coast clients in Phoenix, Arizona, adding another 25,000 square feet of world-class, state of the art training space for the 17,000+ people who attend workshops and training programs through Jay Geier's Scheduling Institute.

The company's team of Certified Dental Training Specialists works hard to consistently over-deliver to their clients, training over 300 dental practices every single month, and flying over 5 million miles every year to dental offices around the world. On average, these dental training experts are on the road 20 days out of every month in order to keep up with increasing client demand.

While the Scheduling Institute's Certified Dental Training Specialists offer a variety of trainings—from hygiene production maximization, dental marketing strategies, associate trainings, and new patient experience trainings—the most highly sought after training is the guarantee-backed telephone training on which the company was founded.

This training, known as the New Patient Generation & Practice Expansion training, is a unique system that Jay Geier developed in his early twenties, allowing dentists to leverage their front desk teams in order to drastically increase their new patient numbers, production, and collections.

After fifteen years of research, Jay Geier discovered that 98% of potential new patients utilize the telephone to call a dentist before booking an appointment. The Scheduling Institute conducts ongoing tests of over 12,700 dental offices each year… In these tests they discovered that only 3% of dental front desk employees—who are entrusted with handling telephone and new patient inquiries—use the correct technique to schedule a new patient caller. Consequently, with every new patient not booked, the practice is losing thousands of dollars every week. Jay Geier's dental training program allows doctors to recoup the new patients they're losing and put more money back in their pocket.

Ultimately, this 10,000 dental team-training milestone represents a solid answer to a question dentists have been asking for decades: How do I get more new patients? The answer is the Scheduling Institute. Since 1997, the Scheduling Institute and Jay Geier have been showing dentists how to double their new patients in less than 90 days. Now they offer a full money-back guarantee for their program, ensuring that you'll see a 10-60% increase in your new patients. With over 10,000 dentists already completing the program and proving that it works, the Scheduling Institute is the easiest, most successful and most widely used new patient generation dental training program in the world.

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