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Quantum Dental Technologies (QDT) Presents Findings on The Canary System

Posted on Friday, July 10, 2015

Toronto, Canada - Quantum Dental Technologies (QDT) presented findings of a study last week at the 62nd Congress of the European Organization for Caries Research (ORCA) in Brussels, Belgium that The Canary System® can monitor caries progression after caries lesions are infiltrated with DMG’s ICON - a clear resin.

This study showed The Canary System could detect and monitor caries treated with ICON resin. It also demonstrated that resin infiltration significantly delayed the progression of natural caries development on smooth surfaces and between teeth. The study involved immersing teeth treated with ICON in a very acidic solution for up to 50 days, indicating the strong clinical potential of ICON to delay caries progression.   

“Current detection methods for caries after resin infiltration are extremely challenging because of the thickness and transparency of resin”, said Dr. Stephen Abrams, President of QDT. “Evidence from this study suggests that lesions treated with resin can now be effectively monitored with The Canary System.  This gives dentists another option for treating early tooth decay”.

The sensitivity of using traditional diagnostic methods, such as X-rays and visual inspection, is inadequate in a number of clinical situations. By the time caries or decay is visible on a radiograph, the lesion has penetrated at least 60% into the dentin and requires a restoration or filling. Now with The Canary System, clinicians can make more informed decisions regarding diagnosis and treatment planning. Resin infiltrants present an even more challenging situation.  The resin is transparent and the lesions are very shallow.  The Canary System appears to be the only method to detect and monitor the area to ensure the resin coating does not break down over time.  With The Canary System, dentists now have another application for treating the early stages of tooth decay – another preventive solution to a common disease.

The Canary System, with its unique crystal structure diagnostics, allows oral health professionals to detect, image, track and monitor tooth decay on all tooth surfaces, beneath opaque sealants, around the margins of restorations and detect cracks in teeth. The accompanying Canary Cloud ( enables dentists to view and manage this data in an online environment, track Canary usage in the office, and keep up-to-date on Canary products and clinical news.  With The Canary System, caries detection is not simply shining a light on a tooth surface but it’s about gathering accurate information on the status of the tooth’s crystal structure and then storing it to allow ongoing analysis and monitoring. 

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