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G&H Acquires Cushman & Associates

Posted on Monday, June 8, 2015

Torrance, Calif. - G&H Dental Arts announced the acquisition of Cushman & Associates Dental Lab and Buttress-Wilshire Dental Laboratory, augmenting its ability to provide doctors with world-class restorations with additional removables technicians.

Founded in 1934, Cushman & Associates brings more than 80 years of removables expertise to G&H Dental Arts’ laboratories, and operated Buttress-Wilshire Dental Laboratory as a sister removables laboratory for more than a decade. Conversely, G&H’s full-service capabilities give Cushman & Associates’ existing clientele the ability to rely on a single laboratory for all their restorative needs. Cushman technicians and support staff integrated into the G&H Dental Arts facility June 1, effectively combining both laboratories’ workflows.

“With Cushman’s impressive track record and long history of providing the Los Angeles area with premium dentures and partials, we couldn’t have asked for a lab more readymade to join with G&H Dental Arts’ operations,” said Glen Yamamoto, CDT, G&H Dental Arts owner/president. “We’re excited to begin providing expanded services to longtime Cushman doctors and integrate additional talented removables technicians into our operations.”

The addition of Cushman’s personnel to G&H Dental Arts’ existing staff of 80 technicians and office staff enhances G&H’s range of services. As a full-service dental laboratory providing fixed, removables and implant services to doctors since 1982, G&H Dental Arts provides doctors with the breadth of cutting-edge restorative options, including its Advanced Cosmetic Team, expert ceramists trained in cosmetic restorative techniques.

Expanded removables capabilities further enhance G&H Dental Arts’ ability to serve a wide range of needs with the highest service. As with all G&H customers, Cushman and Buttress’s existing customers will be assigned to the same team of technicians that handles all of that dentist’s restorative needs, ensuring consistency and accuracy.

“G&H Dental Arts is always looking for new and innovative ways to improve services,” Yamamoto said. “Expanding our removables department through the acquisition of Cushman and Buttress allows us to do just that, and supports recent expansions of our services, such as offering chair-side denture conversions, model-less restorations from digital impressions and the new Biomet 3i Encode Empowered workflow.”

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