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DENTSPLY Implants Hosts Educational Meeting

Posted on Thursday, May 28, 2015

In April, DENTSPLY Implants hosted its annual ATLANTIS Super Elite Laboratory group in Nashville, Tennessee.

During the 2-day event, participants were provided with corporate updates and presentations from fellow laboratory colleagues including David Johnson from D & S Dental Laboratory, Conrad Rensburg from Absolute Dental Services, and Kurtis Helm from Helm Dental Laboratory. Guest speaker presentations were also given by Michael Dehni (Boston, Massachusetts), who highlighted the importance of branding and utilizing social media as a marketing tool, and Dr. David Little (San Antonio, Texas) who examined the clinical considerations for the ATLANTIS Conus concept – one of DENTSPLY Implants’ latest, patient-specific digital implant solutions.

Roundtable discussions were led by senior members of DENTSPLY Implants in order to answer questions and collect user feedback regarding suggested improvements to the development, design and manufacturing aspects of products and services offered.

Dave Hodson, General Manager of Harmony Dental Laboratory, said the event was productive.

“I appreciated the open communication on the part of DENTSPLY Implants as well as the lab participants," Hodson said. "The camaraderie that has developed at these meetings should not go unnoticed. The degree to which the participating laboratories share information and ideas, both during meeting sessions and social events is impressive. I look forward to attending the next meeting."

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