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EGS Displays New Products at IDS

Posted on Tuesday, April 7, 2015

During IDS 2015, EGS presented a wide range of innovations for laboratory owners who are looking for easy-to-use products that efficiently cover the entire workflow in digital dentistry.

The highlights included several key products: DScan, Vertys Furbo, DentalCad and Smile Digital System (DSS).

A next-generation dental scanner, the new DScan 3.2 uses structured blue light technology for faster and more accurate 3D scanning. Designed specifically to accommodate the Vertys Furbo, DScan 3.2 allows users to carry out the acquisition of the models in occlusion digitizing the entire verticulator in a certain and repeatable position.

In fact, Vertys Furbo is a tool that works around 3 axes and allows levels movement along a single vertical axis, separating antagonist models in a uniform and continuous way. Essential for wax-up matching, control of the spaces, construction of metal girders and implant bridge, or to reproduce the occlusal surface, the verticulator Furbo ensures greater adjustment and regulation precision.

Another product on display was DentalCad 4 - CAD software for dental modeling with full functional coverage in a single license. The new version features, in addition to the most common processing (plants, bridges, crowns, inlays, veneers, etc.), higher performance wax-up functions, angled implants support and analysis, and control tools that support the user in modeling. Download DentalCad free trial from here.

Finally, on display was the Digital Smile System (DSS), the user-friendly software that allows users to design the functional and esthetic rehabilitation of the smile in just a few steps. The new version 2.0 features direct and automatic integration with DentalCad software, allowing the possibility of exporting the project into the CAD environment to continue modeling in 3D. It also presents the new prosthetic module for edentulous patients with a complete set of commercial libraries. Thanks to the automatic face shape detection tool, DSS is able to advise the best commercial library to use for each patient. Download DSS free trial from here.

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