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3M Software Integrated With exocad

Posted on Tuesday, April 7, 2015

ST. PAUL, Minn. - Digital workflows and new systems are rapidly changing the way today's dentists and dental laboratories operate, but closed systems can limit choices - preventing doctors and laboratory technicians from working the way they want. In another transformative step toward broadening design options, 3M™ Margin Marking Software is now fully integrated with CAD/CAM design platform exocad® DentalCAD. The improved workflow provides dental laboratories a seamless integration with an industry-leading CAD/CAM system, and dentists now can work with more laboratories, ultimately increasing access to a broader range of treatment options.

Using the new Trusted Connections, 3M True Definition Scanner digital impression files are easily converted and imported into the exocad DentalCAD, which has been updated with the latest design information for Lava™ materials. Designed to work exclusively with the 3M True Definition Scanner, 3M Margin Marking Software provides an unparalleled view of the oral anatomy, allowing laboratory technicians to precisely mark the 3D mesh by simultaneously marking a stereoscopic 3D image. 3M Margin Marking Software eliminates guesswork by offering users a clear picture of the oral anatomy, contributing to a clinically proven 99.7% fit rate for dental restorations.

"The 3M Margin Marking Software plays a critical role in ensuring that the unparalleled accuracy of the 3M True Definition can be carried through our entire laboratory workflow," said Brett Pittman, owner of Pittman Dental Lab in Gainesville, Georgia. "Our doctors frequently report fewer remakes and little or no adjustment of occlusal surfaces and proximal contacts with restorations produced from digital impressions from the 3M True Definition Scanner, in large part due to the quality of the Margin Marking Software tools that 3M provides."

The software (for exclusive use with the 3M True Definition Scanner) is available to subscribers of the 3M Standard Lab Package and includes access to the 3M Connection Center, the secure data management platform for all 3M Digital Impressions. Access to the 3M Connection Center allows laboratories to quickly and seamlessly receive digital impressions created on 3M True Definition Scanners.

The new Trusted Connection will be available in Western Europe in Spring 2015. The US launch is expected to follow in late Spring 2015.

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