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i-CAT™ Shares “Their Story”

Posted on Thursday, April 2, 2015

Hatfield, PA -- March 26, 2015-- i-CAT, a brand of the KaVo Kerr Group, is proud to introduce a fresh new marketing microsite called “Their Story.” Through a fully-integrated multimedia campaign, the platform casts a growing collection of stories that illustrates how doctors are changing patients’ lives every day. Each is told by the doctor (and in some cases their patients) and contains a rich set of information, including a case report, select videos, images and more.

i-CAT, with its balance between image quality and dose allows these clinicians to detect anatomical anomalies and see vital structures that would not be visible with 2D imaging, and in some cases, at a dose comparable to a 2D panoramic X-ray*. i-CAT software also offers these dental professionals effective tools for diagnosis of conditions related to airway disorders.

The first “Their Story,” submitted by Orthodontist Dr. Juan-Carlos Quintero, describes how he was able to deliver the clinical outcomes that changed 7-year-old Sebastian’s life. Sebastian had been suffering from both dental and medical issues. At Sebastian’s orthodontic visit, the information from an i-CAT scan and the treatment planning software, Tx STUDIO™ helped enable Dr. Quintero to determine how to treat him orthodontically, but also pinpointed a significant blockage of his airway. After collaborative treatment with medical professionals, the results were dramatic and illustrate the impact that orthodontists can have if they have the right tools to better visualize the anatomy and help create an individualized treatment plan. This landmark case has forever changed the way that Dr. Quintero practices.

Dr. Quintero explained why he submitted his story. “It is a wonderful time in orthodontics as our profession enters a new horizon with low dose 3D imaging. I am pleased to be able to share a very personal story on how this technology can profoundly improve the quality of life of our patients. I hope the story inspires others to look beyond traditional 2D imaging and really see their patients!”

Dr. Robert Kaspers’ “Their Story” centers around an adult patient named Fiaz whose i-CAT scan’s information helped Dr. Kaspers to treat not only his improper bite, but a severe constriction of his airway as well. After surgical and orthodontic treatment, Fiaz was able to experience a drastic improvement in his quality of life.

Dr. Kaspers shared, “I can only hope that by telling Fiaz’s story that more orthodontists realize that 3D radiography has so much to offer our profession. Before acquiring my i-CAT, I was severely limited in diagnosing my patients to a balanced occlusion, and I didn’t even consider a patient’s airway. The i-CAT was the best investment I have ever made.”

The i-CAT team is excited about this campaign and the impactful stories from using i-CAT technology. “We are grateful that these two clinicians shared their powerful “Their Stories,” and we are even happier that the treatment had a profound effect on their health. By sharing these stories, we hope to show how 3D imaging can help in the process of diagnosis,” states Rick Matty, Director of Marketing for i-CAT. “We look forward to hearing many more accounts of how i-CAT showed the details that led to a life-changing diagnosis.”

To read the case studies, view the videos, and see the images of these cases, visit i-CAT also welcomes dental professionals to share their life changing stories by contacting us through this microsite. You can join the conversation on i-CAT’s social media sites on Facebook,, and on Twitter, @iCAT3D, #Their3Dstory.

About i-CAT

Serving the dental industry since 1992, i-CAT™ is at the global forefront in the development and manufacturing of the computer-controlled dental and maxillofacial radiography products, and internationally recognized by highly regarded dentists and radiologists as one of the most innovative companies in dental imaging. i-CAT systems offers clinicians enhanced features for highly effective treatment planning and surgical predictability. i-CAT is exclusively distributed by Henry Schein Dental. To learn more, visit

i-CAT is a member of the KaVo Kerr Group. KaVo Kerr Group is a global portfolio of leading dental brands that share common values of Trust, Experience, Choices, Quality and Smart Innovation. Brands include KaVo, Kerr, Kerr Total Care, Pentron, Axis|Sybron Endo, Orascoptic, Pelton & Crane, Marus, Gendex, DEXIS, Instrumentarium, SOREDEX, i-CAT, NOMAD, Implant Direct and Ormco. With over 500 years of combined experience and proven solutions, KaVo Kerr Group uniquely serves 99% of all dental practices. Visit for more information.

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