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Straumann® introduces new tapered implant designed for immediate placement and loading

Posted on Friday, March 6, 2015

As the global market for dental implants is shifting towards shorter treatment times clinicians require solutions that reduce chair time, improve efficiency and profitability, and meet the needs of specific anatomic situations. At the same time, patients are demanding solutions that deliver esthetic benefits of the implant in a shorter amount of time.

Building on the clinically proven features of the Straumann® Bone Level Implant, the Straumann BLT  Implant introduces the powerful combination of Roxolid®, SLActive®, Bone Control Design®, CrossFit® Connection, Consistent Emergence Profiles®, plus a tapered implant body.

Strength.  Speed.  Innovative Design.

·       Designed to deliver primary stability in all bone classes making them ideal for immediate placement and loading1 even in challenging protocols

·       Shape mimics the root of a natural tooth, thereby facilitating immediate placement between two opposing teeth with limited space

·       Roxolid material delivers excellent biological properties and high tensile strength2

·       Roxolid may allow the use of smaller-diameter implants with the same clinical performance as regular-diameter titanium implants3

·       SLActive surface technology allows faster osseointegration and reduced healing time from 6 to 8 weeks to 3 to 4 weeks4

·       Bone Control Design maximizes crestal bone preservation

·       CrossFit Connection is designed to ensure precision against rotation and long-term mechanical stability

Additionally, the tapered design of the Straumann BLT helps overcome anatomical restrictions such as converging tooth roots and concave jaw structures. It’s well suited for one- and two-stage procedures with reduced intra-procedural times.

Dental implants have become the standard of care when it comes to replacing one or all of a patient’s teeth. The Straumann BLT features a full thread at the tip of the implant that allows for early engagement of the threads and the three cutting notches enable placement in an underprepared osteotomy. The design of the Straumann BLT delivers flexibility in challenging clinical and anatomical situations.

Brad McAllister, DDS, PhD, from Tualatin, OR, is an early adopter of the Straumann BLT Implant and had this to say “I have found the BLT design extremely beneficial for my single and multiple tooth immediate provisional cases. The new tapered apical design allows for very predictable insertion torques of 35Ncm and excellent primary stability.”

Clinicians trust that Straumann will deliver innovative solutions that help meet the changing needs of their patients. The Straumann BLT brings together more than 60 years of experience and scientific research, and gives clinicians a solution that is potentially less invasive and requires less chair time for the patient.

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