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Straumann introduces flexible collagen membrane that’s easy to handle and place

Posted on Friday, March 6, 2015

Straumann® is once again expanding its portfolio of regenerative solutions to better meet customer needs. Now, Straumann® Membrane Flex™ joins Straumann® Membrane Plus™, Straumann® XenoGraft, Straumann® AlloGraft, BoneCeramic™, and Emdogain™ to provide a single trusted source for dental implant and regeneration needs.

More than a barrier. Versatile flexibility.

Desirable handling characteristics

·       Because it’s not side specific, it’s easy to handle and to place

·       With outstanding flexibility, it easily drapes over defects and naturally conforms to contours

·       Flexibility with placement as it can be easily repositioned for precise placement

·       Can be placed dry or hydrated

·       Even when hydrated, does not adhere to gloves or instruments

·       Takes sutures or tacks with ease, for simple yet secure fixation

Dependable strength

·       Proven biomechanical strength enhances fixation assurance*

·       In pre-clinical testing, of the suture pull out strength was three times higher than BioGide®*

·       Because of its significantly higher suture pullout strength, can be firmly anchored to surrounding tissue with minimal risk of tearing or detachment*

Supports wound healing

·       Biocompatible because it’s meticulously manufactured from highly purified intact porcine collagen and minimally cross-linked for predictable resorption

·       Reduced degree of inflammation and foreign body response as compared to BioGide® in pre-clinical testing*

·       Protects the graft area from unwanted soft tissue infiltration during the initial phase of healing while still allowing for healthy nutrient transfer

·       Resorbs predictably over 3 to 4 months as new host collagen is simultaneously regenerated

·       With a slower initial rate of resorption than BioGide®, it provides greater initial stability during the critical early weeks of healing*

·       Shown through in vitro and in vivo pre-clinical testing to exceed many of the performance characteristics of BioGide®*

·       Available sizes: 15x20mm, 20x30mm, 30x40mm

This new offering along with other recent additions to the Straumann portfolio are more than products they provide customers with a total solution that yields patient satisfaction and practice success.

To learn more about the new Straumann® Membrane FlexTM visit

* Data on file with manufacturer

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