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EGS to Introduce 3 New Products at IDS

Posted on Monday, March 2, 2015

Cologne, Germany - During this year’s IDS exhibition, EGS will be presenting a wide range of products that cover the entire digital dentistry workflow, from digital smile design to 3D scanning and modeling. During the show, EGS will launch the new version of DScan 3 with verticulator integration, the last update of DentalCad 4.0 with Touch Screen working mode, and the new 2.0 version of Digital Smile System (DSS), now directly integrated with CAD software.

EGS will launch the brand-new DScan 3.2 with verticulator integration. It will be wearing an innovative outfit, intended to set a trend for the whole year, the “ghost cover." But the term “ghost” is not always equivalent to “scary.” EGS' “Ghost Scanner” is intended to immediately grab attention with its elegant and finished look.

DScan 3.2 is the new-generation dental scanner that uses structured blue light technology, which allows faster and more accurate 3D scanning of both the model and verticulators. Specifically designed to accommodate the verticulator (which is also shown digitally in the program), it allows automatic pairing of the models in occlusion. It comes with an integrated PC of the last generation installed directly in the scanner case, so it needs only a mouse and a monitor in order to be operative. Thanks to its new, high-quality optical detectors and mechanical components, it is one of the most reliable scanners on the market.

DentalCAD 4.0, which now boasts a touch screen, will also be showcased at IDS.The newest software version, which offers a complete solution for the dental laboratory and supports users’ experience in dental design and modeling, now adds a combination of the charm of the old manual processing and the simple efficiency of the new digital generation. With this system, in fact, DentalCAD allows technicians to work with their own hands but in digital mode, making the experience simple and interactive up to the 3D printing.

Moreover, this new version presents complete functional coverage (with just one license), powerful wax-up functions, angled implant support, and social integration to share cases and experiences on Facebook. Recognizable for its user-friendly interface and high usability performance, DentalCAD reaches the same level of the big-market players for functional coverage and job performance and supports the user within the modeling constraints allowing letting total freedom for the user's expertise.

Lastly, EGS will introduce the 2.0 version of Digital Smile System (DSS), the first software for designing the esthetic and functional reconstruction of the smile. By means of simple and automatic tools, the new 2.0 allows users to project the final result and to export it in 3D directly to DentalCAD.

The new 2.0 also offers the prosthetic tool, designed specifically for edentulous patients, usable with commercial library combination. Thanks to mathematically controlled algorithms that are able to study the patient's morphology, the automatic face shape detection tool is able to determine the suitable dental library to use. Intended also for partial rehabilitation, DSS works with a complete set of natural teeth libraries and offers the opportunity to create custom teeth libraries for all patients' needs.

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