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Nobel Biocare's New Cement-Free Posterior Solution

Posted on Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Cologne, Germany, March 10, 2015 – At the International Dental Show (IDS), March 10-14, Nobel Biocare is unveiling a new complete, cement-free treatment concept developed to address the most common challenges faced when restoring molar teeth. The solution features a choice of new wide-platform implants and restorative options designed specifically for the posterior region. Also being launched at IDS is an entire new parallel-walled implant system, NobelParallel Conical Connection (CC).

The launches kick off a year-long celebration of all the innovations that led the company to be “First for 50 years”, beginning with the first titanium dental implant treatment in 1965. In another dental-industry first, visitors to Nobel Biocare’s booth at IDS can experience the new posterior solution using pioneering virtual reality technology.

Choice of two new wide-platform implants engineered for the posterior region

Nobel Biocare’s new complete posterior solution incorporates new Ø 5.5 mm wide-platform (WP) implant options. Clinicians can choose from the NobelParallel CC WP and new NobelActive WP, both designed for optimized emergence profiles for large molar crowns. Each is intended to shorten time-to-teeth by enabling Immediate Function whenever possible. With the new WP option, both NobelActive and NobelParallel CC are now available in a shorter 7 mm length to avoid anatomical structures such as nerves.

New cement-free, full-contour implant crown with angulated screw channel for restoring molar teeth

The new NobelProcera FCZ (full-contour zirconia) Implant Crown is the key restorative component in the new complete posterior solution. Screw-retained, made in monolithic zirconia, and with the option to angulate the screw channel, it combines remarkable strength with restorative flexibility.

As a completely cement-free solution, the FCZ Implant Crown avoids the risks associated with cement excess. Even the titanium adapter is mechanically retained. Its strength ensures predictability even under the high occlusal forces of the posterior, which makes it ideal for use in the molar region. As no veneering is required, it also eliminates the risk of veneer chipping. Improved access with an angulated screw channel (ASC) combined with the superior pick-up function offered by the unique Omnigrip tooling makes it easier to restore in the posterior region. The FCZ Implant Crown comes in eight shades, with each color applied throughout the material.

Furthermore, Nobel Biocare has also launched new PEEK Healing and PEEK Temporary Abutments that are anatomically shaped to match the molar contours. As the PEEK abutments come ready-shaped for an optimized emergence profile, fewer adjustments are needed. This can simplify treatment and reduce costly chair time.

50 years’ experience in parallel-walled implants culminates in new NobelParallel Conical Connection (CC)

The new NobelParallel CC benefits from 50 years of research and innovation at Nobel Biocare and represents an evolution of the greatest features of the successful Brånemark and NobelSpeedy implant systems. NobelParallel CC combines a parallel-walled implant body with an advanced internal conical connection and offers extraordinary flexibility. It is engineered for use in all bone qualities and for a broad range of indications. (The wide-platform version is part of Nobel Biocare’s new complete posterior solution.) Both experienced clinicians and those new to implantology will appreciate the straightforward surgical protocol.

Richard Laube, Nobel Biocare CEO, said: “This year we are marking fifty years since the late Per-Ingvar Brånemark placed the very first titanium dental implants. Nobel Biocare is proud to continue playing an important role in developing original treatment concepts to help restore quality of life for millions of patients. The innovations featured in our new complete posterior solution build on our heritage by further helping dental professionals to treat more patients better.”

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