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ATLANTIS Abutments Connect to exocad

Posted on Friday, March 13, 2015

DENTSPLY Implants continues to expand its Digital Solutions offering, for ATLANTIS patient-specific abutments with a connection to exocad® DentalCAD.

This latest development will provide dental laboratories with an improved digital workflow. The added value includes cost-savings and expedited order completion.

“This development strengthens DENTSPLY Implants and the ATLANTIS patient-specific prosthetic solutions offer with a great number of exocad DentalCAD users. We are pleased to work with exocad in providing new digital workflows for the dental laboratory customers to choose from,” says Mikael Sander, Group Vice President, Operations & Digital Implant Solutions, DENTSPLY Implants.

The connectivity with exocad was made possible through an agreement with exocad GmbH in Germany, enabling an interface within exocad DentalCAD for ordering ATLANTIS patient-specific abutments. Orders are based on data from the many scanners supported by the exocad platform.

Additional development will bring integration of the ATLANTIS Abutment Core File, which is a digital file of the total case, including the outer surface of the ATLANTIS Abutment that allows the dental technician to design a temporary or final crown even before the final ATLANTIS Abutment is delivered. exocad DentalCAD users will have automated import of the ATLANTIS Abutment Core File into their exocad dental projects. The launch is planned for the second half of 2015.

"This capability has generated much interest from our reseller partners, who will be integrating the 'Send to ATLANTIS' capability into their version of exocad. We are very happy to work closely with DENTSPLY Implants, the recognized leader in patient-specific abutment design, to offer our resellers and end users freedom of choice", says Larry Bodony, President of exocad America, Inc.

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