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Cantel Medical Acquires DentaPure® Dental Waterline Disinfection System

Posted on Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Cantel Medical Corp. further expanded its infection prevention and control portfolio with the acquisition of MRLB International, the manufacturer of the DentaPure product line for $10 million in cash consideration. The DentaPure product line is a proprietary, iodinated resin filter cartridge system used by dentists to maintain safe water quality in dental unit waterlines.  The DentaPure cartridge system surpasses all standards and CDC recommendations for dental unit water quality, thus maintaining safe water quality for patients and staff.  The DentaPure cartridge systems, which are sold throughout the US and Canada, have FDA 510(k) certifications and are EPA registered as dental unit waterline disinfectants.           

This transaction is expected to be neutral to GAAP EPS in FY15 and slightly accretive to Non-GAAP EPS in FY15 and accretive to both GAAP and Non-GAAP EPS in FY16 and beyond.  The DentaPure product line will be integrated into the Crosstex portfolio and reported in the Healthcare Disposables segment.

Gary Steinberg, President and CEO of Crosstex stated, "Dental unit waterline disinfection is one of the fastest growing segments in the infection control category in the dental industry.  DentaPure's strong market position with a high-quality, differentiated product portfolio allows Crosstex to be a market leader in this important segment for our dental customers.  When combined with our leading biological monitoring portfolio, DentaPure positions Crosstex as the clear infection prevention and control compliance leader in the dental industry."

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