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February is Gum Disease Awareness Month

Posted on Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Periodontal disease—commonly referred to as gum disease—is a silent, painless bacterial infection that is often completely undetected or ignored until severe gum and bone destruction takes over. As many as 85% of American adults suffer from moderate to severe forms of gum disease—and most don’t even know it. Those who do are often afraid to undergo traditional gum surgery and routinely opt out, choosing to suffer rather than endure treatment. But with recent research demonstrating a link to numerous health conditions including heart disease, stroke, and even certain cancers, gum disease has become an even more critical public education topic – one that cannot be ignored.

February is Gum Disease Awareness Month

Informing the public about the importance of gum health, plus patient-friendly treatment options, is not only timely, but potentially life-saving. Thirty-six governors have declared official awareness months to help educate their constituencies, thousands of doctors are showing strong support for this important cause, and the social media world is taking notice with nearly 20,000 followers joining the crusade @fightgumdisease.

A Turn-key Media Program Ready for Action

A full lineup of powerful media tools supporting this critical topic is prepared and ready for turn-key activation. From contributed content to compelling multimedia resources, the story is ready to be told; it merely requires unveiling.

Polished and Public-Friendly Interview Candidates:

-Robert H. Gregg, II, DDS, co-creator of the LANAP protocol—an innovative laser-based surgical treatment for gum disease—and a practicing dentist, will describe the enormous difference between yesterday’s terrors and today’s triumphs with this remarkable evolution. Driven by science and research, Dr. Gregg will also prolifically explain the overwhelming links between gum health and heart health and what patients can do to take control of their health now.

-Hundreds of doctors nationwide not only stand behind the research indicating the systemic health links associated with gum disease – they have taken action by joining the #fightgumdisease movement and offering press interviews to support public awareness of the cause. Practicing dentists and periodontists and their successfully treated patients are available for interview in most major media markets.

Eye-Opening Contributed Content:

The public is ready to be enlightened. Professionally written, stirring educational pieces have been prepared and thoroughly vetted, with topics including:


- Are You at Risk for Gum Disease and Its Many Health Threats?

- Gum Disease: Don’t Pass it on to your Children

- Gum Disease: The Silent Killer – Exposed

*Customized articles can also be written to suit your specific needs.

Inspiring Audio/Visual Elements:

It only takes a few seconds to leave a lasting impression in the public eye – and our compelling 15- and 30-second audio PSAs do just that. We can also provide comprehensive B-roll, featuring doctors discussing between gum, actual “live” LANAP patient procedures, an animation of LANAP treatment for gum disease, pre- and post-treatment patient one-on-ones and informative doctor interviews.


Other powerful visuals include:

-The official Gum Disease Awareness Month ribbon graphic

-A U.S. map depicting more than half the country blanketed in official state proclamations of Gum Disease Awareness Month

-Photos of real patients’ smiles “before” and “after” LANAP treatment.

-Infographics: “Get the Facts About Gum Disease” and “Gum Disease Treatment Options”


Additional Background:

A full press kit including patient FAQs plus a press release about Gum Disease Awareness Month are also available.

About the LANAP Protocol:

Not too long ago, gum disease treatment was a much more invasive – and frightening – procedure for patients. Barbaric and intimidating, the traditional standard of care called for cutting and sewing, which in turn called for frightened, unwilling patients who chose to suffer rather than endure disease management. With growing evidence that periodontitis is linked to heart disease and other systematic health issues, the game-changing creation and adoption of Millennium Dental Technologies’ LANAP protocol finally gives periodontitis sufferers patient-friendly relief – and gratefully opens doors for a holistically healthier life.

With your help, we can educate more people – and ultimately, help save more lives.  

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