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Gordon Christiensen & Robert Lowe Speak at

Posted on Monday, January 26, 2015

On November 19, 2014, The Argen Corporation hosted “The Future of Digital Dentistry” seminar in San Diego, CA, featuring guest speakers Dr. Gordon Christensen, DDS, MSD, PhD, and Dr. Robert Lowe, DDS. The event focused on the emerging digital technologies and how they benefit both the dental laboratory and the dentist. Dental laboratory professionals and dentists from locations throughout the United States attended the seminar. Attendees were invited to tour the Argen Digital manufacturing facility at the Argen Corporation headquarters following the seminar.

Presentations covered a range of pertinent topics including: innovations in clinical dentistry and dental laboratory technology, intraoral scanning and split files and leading Zirconia material options. “Argen is dedicated to partnering with the dental laboratory. We offered this joint program to help our laboratory customers educate their dentist-customers about new digital technologies and the valuable role these technologies can play in their practices,” said Anton Woolf, CEO, Argen Corporation.

Dr. Gordon Christensen spoke on the importance of digital technology for both the dental laboratory and the dentist. He stressed that the dental lab and the dentist need to be reunited and work closely together to deliver the best products for their patients. “Dentists need to know about milling and printing options for restorative work, such as those available from Argen Digital,” said Dr. Christensen. He congratulated Argen on the development of digital products such as ArgenZ Transitionally shaded Zirconia and Selective laser melted substructures stating “I believe Argen is going to take the industry with this technology”.

Dr. Robert Lowe spoke on how he has embraced digital technologies within his practice and highlighted key products and tools that have helped him to be more successful from digital diagnosis, to impression making, communication with the dental laboratory and restoration fabrication.

Jeff Lowthorp, Director of Global Business Development, Argen Corp., and Logan Woomer, 3Shape Specialist, Argen Corp., presented a live demonstration of an intraoral scan using a 3Shape TRIOS scanner. They demonstrated how a lab easily accepts an intraoral scan and designs a restoration using 3Shape software for a wide range of material options including custom abutments, wax tops, gold crowns, ArgenZ Zirconia crown and more.

Chris Lowthorp, R&D Consultant for the Argen Corporation, reviewed the current full contour Zirconia material options available through the digital workflow. He further explained the benefits of transitionally shaded zirconia, such as ArgenZ Esthetic Zirconia, over monochromatic pre-shaded zirconia discs. Paul Cascone, Sr. VP of Research and Development at Argen, explained the process of developing alloys for the Selective Laser Melting process and reviewed Argen’s full line of SLM metals including SLM Non Precious, SLM Noble 25, SLM High Noble and SLM Captek.

Anton Woolf closed the afternoon with a brief history of Argen and delivered the vision of Argen’s role within the future of digital dentistry. “Our role is to deliver the highest quality products and services to support our dental laboratory partners. Making technologies available to labs of all sizes and becoming a partner in their success,” stated Anton.

About The Argen Corporation

Argen Corporation is a worldwide leader in dental alloys, digital dentistry and scrap refining services. Argen is the largest dental alloy manufacturer in the world, offering over 600 precious and non-precious alloys to more than 100 countries. Argen’s innovative digital services provide the most complete digital solution to dental laboratories of all sizes including Selective Laser Melting (SLM), Digital Precious Metals (DPM), ArgenIS Custom Abutments,Digital Captek, Milled and Printed Wax, ArgenPMMA Temporaries, ArgenZTM Transitionally Shaded Milled Zirconia, Digital Models and 3Shape Scanners.

Argen has built a reputation for consistent quality and superior customer services. Argen Corporation manufactures products under the following brand names: Jelenko, Aurium, Leach & Dillon Alloys, Wilkinson Alloys, World Alloys, Gateway Alloys, Dent-Gold, and Dental Alloy Products. To learn more about Argen, please visit or call (800) 255-5524.


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