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Taub Products Hosts Courses at GNYDM

Posted on Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Taub Dental will be hosting 3 CE courses at the Greater New York Dental Meeting, presented by Dr. Ross W. Nash on “Direct Composite Resin Dentistry,” “Indirect Esthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry,” and “Hands-On Direct Composite Veneers.” Visit today to sign up for these courses.

Direct Composite Resin Dentistry

In today’s economy, many patients are seeking and choosing a more affordable solution for cosmetic, esthetic and functional treatment. Composite resin and new techniques can be used to provide esthetic results with excellent clinical performance. Those dentists who perfect their skills with direct composite surely will be busier than those who don’t. In this half-day lecture program, Dr. Nash will provide information on up-to-date materials and techniques for Class I, II, III, IV and V anterior and posterior direct composite restorations. The use of direct composite resin veneers for elective smile enhancement and in combination with restorative dentistry will be covered.

Indirect Esthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry

By using an indirect approach, dentists can partner with talented technicians to accomplish elective cosmetic and needed esthetic dentistry with materials that have excellent clinical performance and longevity and combine the skills of both. In this half-day lecture program, Dr. Nash will illustrate various clinical situations that lend themselves to this type of dentistry. He will show step-by-step techniques using actual case studies he has performed using a number of indirect processes and materials to accomplish both esthetic and functional excellence. Non-invasive no-prep veneers, traditional veneers, inlays, onlays, all ceramic crowns, fixed partial dentures, implant crowns and bridges, and full esthetic reconstruction will be discussed.

Hands-On Direct Composite Veneers

Direct composite resin veneers can be used to provide improved esthetics for many patients without the need for temporary restorations and in a single appointment at fees that are affordable for many more people. Direct veneers require that the provider be both a clinician and an artist. Some have more artistic ability than others, but by using proven techniques, the art be learned. In this half-day hands-on program, Dr. Nash will provide step-by-step instruction for applying direct composite resin veneers that mimic natural tooth structure. He will illustrate both freehand technique and a technique with preformed composite facings that can be used to accomplish both esthetic and functional excellence. Each participant will create both types of composite veneers on typodont models. The participant will leave with improved skills required to create beautiful direct veneers.

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