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Ivoclar, BEGO announce partnership

Posted on Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Amherst, NY - Ivoclar Vivadent announced its new partnership with BEGO USA through its association with Wieland Precision Technology to provide digital alloy options with Selective Laser Melting and CAD/Casting. This new partnership solidifies Wieland Precision Technology as a comprehensive outsourcing production center and solution for laboratories to help increase their efficiency for producing quality metal-based restorations.

The Selective Laser Melting offered by BEGO USA and Wieland is a form of rapid prototyping or sterolithography completed using laser technology to melt alloy powder into thin layers. These thin layers are then melted together to create homogenous copings and bridges. Compared to restorations cast in the same alloy, restorations featuring alloys processed with Selective Laser Melting offer higher tensile strength, superior elongation limits, and enhanced modulus of elasticity properties.

Among the BEGO USA Selective Laser Melting alloys available from Wieland Precision Technology is BegoPal+, a noble alloy ideal for copings and frameworks up to 5 units. Also available is Wirobond C+, which is used for partially and fully veneered frameworks solutions with up to 16 units, and arrives corrosion resistant, biocompatible, ready for degassing or final polishing, and with outstanding accuracy of fit.  In addition to these two alloys, BEGO USA also fabricates CAD/Casting alloys, including Callisto CPG, Harmony 2 and Evolution Lite.

“BEGO USA is wonderful business partner,” said Dr. Michael Gaglio, Vice President of Marketing for Ivoclar Vivadent.  “They are an innovator in the digital production of alloy-based restorations.  Their attention to detail and commitment to quality are second to none.”

Wieland Precision Technology utilizes a variety of high quality materials and techniques to provide laboratories with personalized restorations that offer high esthetics and accurate fit and is a flexible digital solutions partner. In particular, Wieland Precision Technology Outsourcing provides laboratories with an efficient and high-quality solution to over capacity laboratories and complex restorations for permanent and provisional cases, long span bridges, and implant retained restorations. 

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