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exocad acquires Sensable Dental assets

Posted on Tuesday, November 18, 2014

WOBURN, MA – exocad®, a global company providing the most advanced, complete dental CAD/CAM software solution, sold exclusively by reseller/partners, announced that they have acquired the assets of STI Holdings, the provider of the Sensable Dental Lab System (SDLS). SDLS, the industry’s most powerful and versatile CAD/CAM solution for partial framework design, required a proprietary 3D haptic (touch feedback) device. Exocad will preview the world’s first mouse-driven version of the software at the Dental Lab Owners Association of California (DLOAC) 11th International CAD/CAM Expo & Symposium from October 31 to November 2 in Anaheim, CA.

“This acquisition underscores our commitment to providing labs and dentists with best available products and extends our design capability to both metal and flexible partial dentures,” said Tillmann Steinbrecher, general manager and CEO of exocad. “The advanced voxel-processing technology we have acquired is complementary to our current mesh-based CAD technology, and we look forward to further accelerating the development of our Complete Solution for Digital Dentistry with this new asset”.

All exocad end-user customers with current update contracts will be able to download the fully functional, partial denture technology preview from exocad at no charge, along with documentation and video tutorials. The partial denture technology preview will work with any open exocad-supported scanner, and produce industry-standard .STL format output. The technology preview will be made available as soon as the mouse-based controls are finalized. In parallel with the technology preview, exocad is working actively to further develop the platform, in order to make it available through its distribution partners as part of the exocad software portfolio.

“Today, Sensable Dental is our choice as the most advanced removable software on the market, and we can produce up to 25 digital removable cases per day on one station.” said Brian McClone, Partials Manager for Dental Arts Laboratories. “Short term, we can expand our business by leveraging more modern scanners using all our exoscan-based scanners. Longer term, we're excited to see what the exocad team will do to further improve the solution.“

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