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Renfert Adds Microscope Support Arm

Posted on Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Renfert has introduced a new support arm for its Mobiloscope microscopes.

The new 360° swivel-mounted support arm allows a single microscope to be utilized from several workplaces for detail control and precision work. The popular-selling 5–10 times magnification model provides maximum precision with distortion-free vision coupled with uniform sharpness in the entire viewing field. The optimized and timeless support arm for the Mobiloscope S now comes with three hinges, which can be adjusted and fixed to any position. In addition, it also has an integrated power cable for LED lighting.

The new support arm is retained using a screw clamp for bench tops of 18–74mm (0.71–2.92 inches), or can also be screw retained.

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