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GC America Earns Deming Prize

Posted on Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Alsip, Illinois – GC America Inc. announced the achievement of the Deming Prize, the oldest and most widely recognized TQM (Total Quality Management) quality award in the world. GC America is the first dental company in the United States and only the fourth company in the United States to earn this award. 

The Deming Prize was established in 1951 in commemoration of the late Dr. William Edwards Deming, who contributed greatly to Japan’s proliferation of statistical quality control. His teachings helped Japan’s industries become recognized as delivering the highest quality in the world. 

The Deming Prize is presented to an organization that has implemented TQM at its highest level. TQM is a set of systematic activities carried out by the entire organization to effectively and efficiently achieve the organization’s objectives, so as to provide products and services with a level of quality that satisfies customers. 

GC Corporation in Japan acquired the Deming Prize in 2000 and the Deming Grand Prize (former Japan Quality Medal), the highest prize of quality management, in 2004. In 2003, GC Dental Products Corp acquired the Deming Prize and GC Dental (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. was awarded as well in 2010 as the first company in China. In 2012, Mr. Makato Nakao, Chairman of GC Corporation, received the Deming Prize for Individuals. The Deming Prize for Individuals was given to Mr. Nakao because he has promoted GQM (GC’s TQM) as the core management systems in the GC group’s worldwide organizations. 

GC Corporation recently celebrated over 93 years as a leader in innovation and technology of dental materials. In 1921, three young Japanese chemists in Tokyo laid the foundation of what today can be considered as one of the world’s largest manufacturers of dental products with nearly 2,600 associates and production sites in Japan, United States, China and Europe. 

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