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Complete Line of ArgenIS Custom Abutments Available Through Argen Digital

Posted on Monday, October 13, 2014

SAN DIEGO --Oct. 13, 2014-- Argen Digital recently launched ArgenIS Implant Solutions, a complete custom abutment system. ArgenIS custom abutments are compatible with the leading implant systems and are backed by a comprehensive warranty. The 5-axis precision milling strategies used by Argen Digital produce units that require little to no polishing or finishing in your lab, saving you time and money.

ArgenIS custom abutments material options include: full Titanium with retention lines, Zirconia-hybrids, screw-retained full contour Zirconia hybrids and screw-retained CoCr SLM hybrids with gold-shaded Titanium abutments coming soon. The ArgenIS Implant Solutions System includes a complete scan body kit for accurate alignment, a proprietary design library, and all other tools and components needed to work with ArgenIS Custom Abutments.

“Our goal is to offer dental laboratories a convenient, high-quality, affordable solution for all of their implant cases. This means a wide range of custom abutment and screw-retained crown material options with quick turnaround and outstanding technical support,” explains Jeff Lowthorp, Director of Business Development at the Argen Corporation.

Labs upload digital design files to and receive ArgenIS Custom Abutments in just 2 business days. To learn more about the ArgenIS Implant Solution System please contact Argen Digital at (800) 255-5524 or visit to watch a short presentation of the system.

For over 50 years Argen has served the dental industry and continues to invest in new and innovative product offerings to provide dental laboratories with affordable, high-performance products and industry leading customer service. Look for more exciting, innovative product offerings from Argen throughout 2014. To learn more, contact the Argen Corporation at (800) 255-5524 or visit, or

About The Argen Corporation

Argen Corporation is a worldwide leader in dental alloys, digital dentistry and scrap refining services. Argen is the largest dental alloy manufacturer in the world, offering over 600 precious and non-precious alloys to more than 100 countries. Argen’s innovative digital services provide the most complete digital solutions to dental laboratories of all sizes. Argen Digital offers Selective Laser Melting (SLM), Digital Precious Metals (DPM), ArgenIS Custom Abutments,Digital Captek, Milled and Printed Wax, ArgenPMMA Temporaries, ArgenZTM Transitionally Shaded Milled Zirconia, Digital Models and 3Shape Scanners.

Argen has built a reputation for consistent quality and superior customer services. Argen Corporation manufactures products under the following brand names: Jelenko, Aurium, Leach & Dillon Alloys, Wilkinson Alloys, World Alloys, Gateway Alloys, Dent-Gold, and Dental Alloy Products. To learn more about Argen, please visit or call (800) 255-5524. 

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