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Microcopy Introduces New “Easy-Grip” Articulation Film

Posted on Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Kennesaw, Georgia, September 4, 2014—Microcopy introduced their new Bite-Chek articulation film today at the annual California Dental Association Exhibition in San Francisco. Designed and manufactured at Microcopy’s state-of-the-art production facility just north of Atlanta, Bite-Chek represents the pinnacle of Microcopy’s commitment to developing easy-to-use products that simplify dentistry. 

The new Bite-Chek articulation film simplifies occlusal adjustments, accurately marking points of contact and minimizing the possibility of “too high” an occlusion causing post-operative tooth sensitivity. Complete with an easy-grip handle which keeps the film from curling, Bite-Chek requires no forceps removing the risk of patients biting down on them. And, since no forceps are required for placement due to the easy-grip handle, there’s no marking on gloves or surrounding equipment. 

“We are extremely excited to introduce our new articulation film. Its easy-grip handle makes it so much simpler for dentists to use during articulation procedures. And, the handle removes additional markings on gloves or equipment causing less mess. No more pain, no more mess, no more forceps. It’s that simple,” said Paul Tucker, Director of Marketing at Microcopy. “And, with hygienists checking occlusion more often after routine procedures, the simplicity that Bite-Chek provides becomes even more important.” 

Bite-Chek’s thin profile helps patients close their bite completely, eliminating mandibular reflexes that can skew the occlusion. The result is a small, precise mark that makes adjustment easy to interpret. 

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