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EGS' DentalCAD Launches Version 4.0

Posted on Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Recognizable for its user-friendly interface and high usability performance, DentalCAD has announced its new version. The 4.0 presents complete and more powerful wax-up functions – thanks to the new “mirror” management. Moreover, new features have been implemented, such as the implant libraries customization and the automatic features (including the “collar” algorithm and the “adjust thickness” algorithm) – placing this software at the same level as the big-market players.

Thanks to its analysis tools, which guide the user within the modeling constraints, manual operations can be reduced significantly. At the same time, the complete set of deformation and sculpture tools as well as the new model tree - implemented with different work classification criteria (i.e. tree view, type view, etc.) - allow technicians to perfectly perform even manual activities in digital mode, reducing time and costs.

Perfectly in line with the latest trends, another feature of DentalCAD 4.0 is the “Be Social!” function: You can share your projects on Facebook in order to show the "craft" skills and competencies of the dental profession.

Designed for an intuitive use, with a very low learning curve, the new 4.0 allows all users to optimize the results of each operation, by confirming DentalCAD as a reliable and secure support for knowledge and experience.

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