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New Face Mask Designed for Sensitive Skin and Serious Protection

Posted on Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hauppauge, NY – On August 14, 2014, Crosstex International rolled out a new addition to their Secure Fit® Technology clinical face mask line.

In a recent mask survey (sponsored by Crosstex), hundreds of clinicians stated that comfort and protection were equally important in a face mask. The company’s new Isofluid® Plus Pure Face Masks with Secure Fit® Technology is designed with both in mind.

“The mask survey was created to undercover mask features that negatively, or positively, affect clinicians every day,” said Karen Norris, Crosstex Director of Marketing Communications. “Clinicians clearlycommunicated their desire for a mask that fits comfortably/is easy to breathe and will not cause breakouts or a rash.”

The Isofluid Plus Pure mask is designed to meet the needs of clinicians including those with sensitive skin or allergies—featuring a soft inner hypoallergenic cellulose layer that is latex-free and free of chemicals, inks, and dyes. The mask is manufactured in the United States and will not lint, tear or shred.

In addition to hypoallergenic materials, added comfort is found in the masks’ unique patented design, according to Andrew Whitehead, Senior Vice President, Marketing/Business Development. After years of research and development, Secure Fit masks feature a patent-pending design that has been found to significantly reduce gapping at the top, bottom and sides of the mask, according to independent clinical reviews by incorporating longer-than-standard aluminum strips both above the nose and under the chin, affording a custom-fit for any size or shape face.

“Better fit means less movement on your face—which has the dual benefit of causing less irritation as well as reducing your exposure to airborne particles,” adds Whitehead. “A well-fitting mask offers the best protection. Many of the problems noted by clinicians—poor breathability, fogging, discomfort—are in part the result of a poor fit. A well-fitting mask is not only more comfortable, but creates a stronger seal around the face, which means better protection and minimal fogging,” said Whitehead.

The newest addition to Crosstex’s acclaimed Secure Fit line of masks, the Isofluid Plus Pure has all the features that earned the Secure Fit line the top rating by The Dental Advisor in 2012, 2013 and 2014. The masks have been found in an independent study to provide as much as 3X’s protection of a standard ear loop face mask.

Isofluid® Plus Pure Face Masks with Secure Fit® Technology are now available for order through authorized Crosstex dealers. And for those attending the RDH Under One Roof in Chicago, August 14th-16th, 2014, Crosstex will have samples available as well as an exciting interactive display for attendees. The masks in the Isofluid line meet the European industry standard EN14683 Rating – Type II standard and are ASTM Level 1 approved.

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