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Educational YouTube Channel for Infection Control Professionals

Posted on Friday, June 20, 2014

Crosstex International, the global leader in infection prevention and protection for the healthcare industry, is proud to announce the launch of its new YouTube channel, Crosstex Protects. The channel will be home to the company’s ongoing series of educational videos showcasing important sterilization procedures, product usage tutorials, and a well-guided tour through the latest compliance requirements. 

Leann Keefer, Director of Clinical Education at Crosstex, says that the response to the video series has been overwhelming. “We’re trying to simplify years of clinical training to dental and healthcare professionals, and the feedback so far tells us that we’re accomplishing our number one goal: to provide much-needed tutorials that guide the professional community through the complicated terrain of sterility compliance.” 

“Sterilization protocols are clearly outlined in CDC guidelines, yet it’s the application and compliance of those best practices that can be an issue,” added Keefer. “With the Crosstex Protects channel, we’re trying to cover a broad range of sterilization topics, because they’re so essential to everyone’s safety. Maybe you have questions about how to test your sterilizer, or about the proper loading and storage of sterilization pouches. Maybe you’re in need of up-to-date regulatory and CDC compliance information. These videos are a quick and easy way to absorb very technical information.” 

Keefer, a dental hygienist herself, hosts the content of several of the videos. She says the channel isn’t just about Crosstex products — far from it. The series includes the science behind sterilization and the finer points of compliance regulations. 

“We truly want to educate people across the board, even if they aren’t Crosstex customers,” she said. “That’s why we’ve opened our Infection Control helpline at 1-8558-STERILE. Call M-F 9-5pm MST and get answers to questions about instrument reprocessing, sterilization products, compliance guidelines, best practices —anything. We’ll do our very best to help. This helpline is open to everyone, even if you don’t have an existing relationship with Crosstex.” 

According to Keefer, the new Crosstex video channel is an extension of the company’s ongoing commitment to education clinicians on proper infection control. “The more you know, the better you can protect," she said. “It’s that simple, and it is our number one priority.” 

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