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Legendary Greenwich Village Venue Welcomes Incisal Edge Magazine’s 40 Under 40

Posted on Monday, June 16, 2014

PITTSTON, PA — May 28, 2014 — (Cue orchestra) Start spreadin’ the… prophy paste.

In the Village at 13th Street Repertory Company, 97 year-old Artistic Director Edith O’Hara has seen the stage graced by the longest running play in New York City. This week she opens the historic venue’s doors -- where performers Bette Midler and Chazz Palminteri got their start -- to 40 of America’s dentists who have arrived.

Incisal Edge, the leading lifestyle magazine for dental professionals nationwide, will host a two-day event to create a photography portfolio in preparation of its fourth annual “40 Under 40” edition, featuring the top young dentists in America.

Published by Benco Dental, Incisal Edge celebrates dentists’ achievements both inside the operatory and during their hard-earned downtime — and nothing better exemplifies this than the 40 Under 40, a series of informative profiles of the finest young practitioners in our industry today. Whether they’re renowned for their medical innovations, their volunteer work and philanthropy or simply their commitment to outstanding patient care, these 40 stalwarts — nominated by industry experts from around the country and vetted by an independent panel — represent the best of dentistry today, and the promise of even better dentistry tomorrow.

Given modern dentistry’s focus on how patients look, Incisal Edge decided to offer equal consideration to the profession’s best young practitioners. On May 29 and 30, the honorees will put their chairside techniques on hold and prepare to be preened on location by magazine staff and celebrated photographer Jeff Fried and style director Joseph DeAcetis.

Among this year’s Incisal Edge 40 Under 40 recipients include 16 women and 34 men from 22 states: Dr. Wilson Aguilar-Garcia, Springfield, Va.; Dr. Brent Amaya, Midwest City, Okla.; Dr. Bill Argersinger, Durham, N.C.; Dr. Jason Auerbach,  River Edge, N.J.; Dr. Michael Balthaser, Wyomissing, Pa.; Dr. Bella Batsevitsky, Waltham, Mass.;  Dr. Bryan Beagan, Cranston, R.I.; Dr. Rebecca Bockow Kenmore, Seattle, Wash.; Dr. Bradley Broughton, Batesville, Ind.; Dr. Sean Bullard, Oakland, Calif.; Dr. Maryanne Butler, Parker,  Colo.; Dr. Devon Conklin, Millersville, Md.; Dr. Rebecca Cornille, Vista, Calif.; Dr. Angela Cotey,  Mount Horeb, Wisc.; Dr. Nicole Dahlkemper, Mount Pleasant, S.C.; Dr. Michael Davey, Plattsburgh, N.Y.; Dr. Joseph Dehmer, San Diego, Calif.; Dr. Elizabeth Jones, Waltham, Mass.; Dr. Gregg Fink, Newark, Del.; Dr. Todd Fleischman, Philadelphia, Pa.; Dr. Andre Gillespie, Aurora, Colo.; Dr. Brendan Gouin, Charlestown, R.I.; Dr. Clay Grubbs, Clinton, Miss.; Dr. Marlon Henderson, Shreveport, La.; Dr. Benjamin Hulse, Salem, Utah; Dr. Madalina Iorgulescu, Morristown, N.J.; Dr. Arthur Johnson, Oklahoma, Okla.; Dr. Anthony, Le, Santa Rosa Beach, Fla. ; Dr. Gina Marcus, Coral Gables, Fla. ; Dr. Thomas McCue, Philadelphia, N.Y.; Dr. Nathalie, McOmber, Howell, N.J.; Dr. Diana Nguyen, San Diego, Calif. ; Dr. John Papadopoulos, Brighton, Mich.; Dr. Minerva Patel, White Plains, N.Y.; Dr. Nelly Silva, Collegeville, Pa.; Dr. Athena Storey, Oro Valley, Ariz.; Dr. Demetrios Syrpes, Centennial, Colo.; Dr. Steve Truong; Oklahoma City, Okla.; Dr. Courtney Villari, River Forest,  Ill.; and Dr. Charles Ward, Millersville, Md.

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