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Nobel Biocare Launches New Allograft Regenerative Solutions

Posted on Thursday, March 6, 2014


Nobel Biocare has introduced its latest innovations in tissue regeneration and treatment planning at the 29th Annual Meeting of the Academy of Osseointegration in Seattle, Washington, March 6-8.

“Nobel Biocare’s regenerative solutions range is expanding to offer allograft options for a wide range of indications,” said Richard Laube, Nobel Biocare CEO. “From sinus floor elevation to socket preservation, ridge augmentation to periodontal defects, the new creos allograft portfolio gives clinicians the options they need to treat more patients better.”

In Nobel Biocare, new creos allograft bone regenerative solutions are now available from one trusted source. The new creos allograft portfolio brings together a full selection of regenerative solutions in three core products: particulate bone graft, demineralized bone matrix (dbm) putty, and a barrier membrane. The allograft portfolio is now available in the United States, while the previously launched creos xenograft portfolio, beginning with the creos xeno.protect collagen membrane, is primarily available in Europe in addition to South Africa and Hong Kong.

The creos allo.gain range gives clinicians the flexibility to choose the optimum solution depending on patient indication and personal preference with five different types of particulate bone graft. Choices include corticocancellous, cancellous, cortical and demineralized cortical bone types as well as a pre-prepared blend of mineralized and demineralized cortical particulate. Also included is a demineralized bone matrix (dbm) putty which comes in a convenient dispenser and is moldable for smooth adaptation to defects.

The new creos allo.protect resorbable pericardium membrane serves as an effective and reliable barrier to soft tissue ingrowth during the healing phase. It adapts easily to the graft site and is designed to maintain shape and size when placed. The membrane is available in sizes: 10x10mm, 15x20mm, 20x20mm and 20x30mm.

NobelClinician® is at the core of the new integrated and more efficient treatment workflow.Nobel Biocare’s new integrated treatment workflow will more efficiently connect clinicians with dental labs for predictable results in less time. In the new workflow NobelClinician users, on either Windows® or Mac®, will have the option of linking with dental labs over the NobelConnect network to receive precise intra-oral model surface and tooth setup information scanned with the NobelProcera 2G Scanner. This more collaborative approach involving both clinician and dental lab provides better diagnostics and a truly visual experience thanks to new smart fusion technology that merges and aligns medical imaging from (CB)CT scans and tissue information received from the 2G Scanner.

The visual nature of the digitized treatment plan is particularly useful when explaining treatment proposals to the patient. With the NobelClinician Communicator iPad® app, the treatment can be presented to patients at the planning stage in a way that is quickly understood.

To learn more, visit: creos allograft solutions,; and NobelClinician® Software,

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