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Nobel Biocare Launches New NobelProcera Implant-Based CAD/CAM Solutions at Chicago Midwinter Meeting

Posted on Thursday, February 20, 2014


Nobel Biocare continues to deliver innovation to the dental industry with new NobelProcera implant-based CAD/CAM products and solutions at the 149th Chicago Dental Society “Midwinter Meeting,” February 20-22.

“Our new and superior products and solutions are designed to increase patient acceptance for the clinician and efficiency in the lab,” said Richard Laube, Nobel Biocare CEO. “This means that more patients are treated better resulting in more opportunities and stronger businesses for dental professionals.”

A new angulated screw channel concept and tooling is aone-of-a-kind solution clinicians have not seen before, the company says. The innovative combination of the NobelProcera Angulated Screw Channel (ASC) abutment and Nobel Biocare’s unique new Omnigrip tooling solve two typical challenges clinicians often face: buccal screw access holes that limit restorative options in the anterior and difficult access in the posterior region from lack of vertical space.

Available in zirconia for Nobel Biocare implants with conical connection, the abutment can be designed with an angulated screw channel of up to 25 degrees from the axis of the implant. Clinicians using the superior Omnigrip friction-based pick-up function gain peace of mind as the screwdriver easily grips the screw at any angle within the available range. The intense grip keeps the screw in position making it less likely to drop while adjusting the insertion angle and finding the first threads for fixation.

Also launched is the new cost-effective NobelProcera® Hybrid is an ideal restoration for edentulous patients, bringing together the best possible acrylic and teeth support with the time-efficient workflow of a fixed implant bar at an attractive price. This practical titanium restoration saves time and money by relying on a full CAD workflow with powerful design flexibility. Fingers in the anterior and retention elements in the posterior enhance the durability of the restoration. The added strength can save the restorative dentist time by reducing the need for chairside repairs.

The Hybrid is a safe, affordable and understandable treatment choice that is easier for a patient to accept. It is also perfectly suited for the All-on-4® treatment concept, which enables the restoration of a fully edentulous jaw on just four implants.

Additionally, Nobel Biocare extends “open access” to 3Shape® users with NobelProcera® zirconia copings.The classic precision-milled zirconia copings from NobelProcera are now available to 3Shape users via the new ‘open access’ program launched last fall by Nobel Biocare beginning with NobelProcera Abutments. After integrating, 3Shape users can access the extensive global production network of NobelProcera to produce high-quality in-lab designed zirconia copings and industry-leading abutments in zirconia and titanium. Interested 3Shape users should contact their local Nobel Biocare representative for availability.

Finally, dental laboratories will gain more business opportunities from new integrated treatment workflow. The NobelProcera 2G System will soon provide laboratories more opportunities in business-building as part of the upcoming integrated and more efficient treatment workflow by Nobel Biocare. A new data-transfer capability between NobelProcera and NobelClinician in the upcoming workflow will allow labs to offer precise data from solid model scans via the NobelConnect network to clinicians diagnosing and planning implant surgeries with the NobelClinician Software. Providing digitized model surface information, such as soft tissue and the diagnostic tooth set-up, will help better integrate the dental laboratory and the dental technician into the treatment planning process. This early involvement can reduce the likelihood of prosthetic challenges occurring after implant placement.

For more information, visit: NobelProcera® 2G System,; NobelClinician Software

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