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MouthWatch® Intraoral Camera and Patient Monitoring Software Brings Telehealth to Dentistry

Posted on Thursday, February 20, 2014


Feb. 19, 2014- CHICAGO -- The MouthWatch Home Dental Monitoring System® from MouthWatch LLC combines the best features of an intraoral camera with innovative patient engagement software, enabling dentists to improve interaction with their patients. The system allows dentists to monitor and advise patients remotely, providing personalized attention regardless of the patient’s location.

MouthWatch is demonstrating the system at the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting February 20-22, 2014. MouthWatch will also be providing a sneak peek at MouthWatch Connect, a new remote monitoring solution for the entire practice.

Through the integration of a home-use intraoral camera with a robust easy-to-use desktop and mobile application, dentists are able to offer their patients better care, peace of mind, and technology that finally brings telemedicine into the realm of dentistry.

“MouthWatch helps build my practice by fostering oral health awareness among my patients. They love knowing that they can visually share any concerns with me and that I’m able to consult and advise them without having them needlessly take time out of their busy schedules.” said Dr. Jerry Herman, inventor of the MouthWatch system.

The HIPAA-compliant MouthWatch system enables patients to securely monitor oral health and hygiene at home. With the same image clarity that dentists have had for years in the office, MouthWatch now allows patients to see at home the treatment they need.

With patients using MouthWatch at home, improved communication increases both patient engagement and practice revenue. MouthWatch offers a robust set of features, which allows patients to easily examine their entire mouths, capture still photos and videos, compare before and after images, track conditions and concerns visually, and share information and appointment requests with their dentist, all in the comfort of their own home.

The MouthWatch camera’s diagnostic quality images and videos make it easy for the dentist to determine the urgency and time required for an in-office visit. Appointment requests are accompanied by visual images of the patient’s concern, dramatically reducing the time and uncertainty normally associated with “triage by telephone.”

MouthWatch also offers compatible mobile apps for both iPhone and Android platforms, which allow dental patients to easily and quickly share images and descriptions of oral health concerns with their dentist, regardless of their location.

MouthWatch’s innovative “patient linking” feature “locks” the patient to the practice, helping build loyalty and referrals.  Patients that use the MouthWatch platform will experience improved health, wellness and appearance - creating amazing word-of-mouth marketing for dental practices.

The MouthWatch system is sold to professionals in bundles of 3, 6 or 12 units.  Each MouthWatch package includes the MouthWatch USB intraoral camera, MouthWatch mobile app, software access, storage case and 50 disposable protective sleeves. Single cameras have an MSRP of $169 with professional and volume discounts available.

Source: PRLog

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