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New Tooth Sensor Reveals Oral Behaviors

Posted on Tuesday, February 18, 2014


PRLog (Press Release)- Feb. 10, 2014 - CALABASAS, Calif. — A team of scientists may have found a way to precisely detect and monitor the specific activity surrounding peoples’ oral behavior.

According to, researchers from Taiwan University have developed a tooth sensor that embeds within a single tooth. The tiny sensor, which uses small wires to carry data to a computer, can yield a wealth of information about what the patient eats, drinks, smokes, breathes, and more.

The researchers said they were motivated to create the device because most oral activities “produce a unique teeth motion.” They said the sensor can measure this jaw movement and build “classifiers” that can categorize various mouth activities.

The team tested the sensor by having eight participants wear the device while performing different activities such as chewing gum and talking. Meanwhile, the computer analyzed the data and built a personal profile for their oral activities. Using this personal profile, the scientists said the tooth sensor was almost 94% accurate in recognizing the participants’ oral behavior.

The team said the information collected can greatly help dentists and doctors monitor their patient’s health.

Los Angeles dentist Dr. Greg Rubin, of the Calabasas Dental Institute, says the sensor may prove to be a unique tool that can offer great benefits in how he treats patients.

“If this sensor can indeed monitor a patient’s breathing and eating habits, then we may be able to alter the patient’s behavior and provide more personalized treatment,” he said.

“We would also be able to test the effectiveness of the treatment and check on the patient’s compliance in using a particular device or treatment. But I feel more research in this area is needed,” Dr. Greg Rubin said.

Source: PRLog

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