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Nobel Biocare Launces Multiple New Solutions at EAO Congress

Posted on Wednesday, November 6, 2013


The 22nd annual meeting of the European Association of Osseointegration (EAO), October 17-19, 2013, served as the platform for Nobel Biocare to launch several new innovative solutions, each focused on improving patient treatment outcomes while increasing efficiency for both clinicians and laboratories.

At the Convention Center Dublin, Ireland, Nobel Biocare showcased products and services which further highlight the company’s commitment to leading innovation. All of the solutions presented will play important roles in Nobel Biocare’s upcoming new seamless and fully integrated digital treatment workflow.

New NobelProcera® 2G System

Reducing the time required for scanning by up to 50%, and with no compromise on precision, the new NobelProcera 2G System now offers dental labs multiple benefits at a level that can help them to grow their business.

From single teeth to complex edentulous cases, the NobelProcera 2G System’s increased automation capabilities and simplified workflows reduce the need for user interaction to a bare minimum, allowing dental technicians to focus on other tasks while scanning takes place, increasing the productivity of the lab. 

The NobelProcera 2G System can also now help labs to become more valued treatment partners. The new 2G scanner’s solid model scanning capability allows for the production of highly precise digitized model surface information. This can inform the clinician’s diagnostic process, involving the lab at an early stage in the treatment program, providing the opportunity to discuss restorative options for an optimum esthetic outcome.

Nobel Biocare is running an exchange program which makes it easy to upgrade to the NobelProcera 2G System. Interested customers should contact their local Nobel Biocare representative today.

New ‘open access’ gives 3Shape® customers the outstanding quality of NobelProcera® Abutments

The industry-leading customized abutments from NobelProcera are now available for users of the 3Shape Dental System. After integrating with NobelProcera, 3Shape users can access the extensive global production network of NobelProcera to produce high-quality NobelProcera Abutments in zirconia and titanium for both Nobel Biocare and other major implant systems. Interested 3Shape users should contact their local Nobel Biocare representative. Availability may depend on the version in use and which 3Shape Partner has provided the Dental System.

Learn more about the NobelProcera 2G System and open access at

Fully integrated digital workflow moves a step closer with NobelClinician Software and OsseoCare Pro iPad®-powered drill unit now connected

The digital link that has now been established between the NobelClinician Software and the iPad®-powered OsseoCare Pro drill unit will support optimal patient treatment, treatment file management and greater efficiency.

Thanks to the new connection, users of the NobelClinician Software can now digitally transfer a surgery planned in NobelClinician to the intelligent OsseoCare Pro drill unit via Nobel Biocare’s cloud-based network NobelConnect. The chosen implants in the correct positions and with the required drilling protocol are transferred to the OsseoCare Pro drill unit at little more than the press of a button. A patient-specific post-surgery report is now also sent straight from the OsseoCare Pro back to NobelClinician once the procedure is complete, significantly increasing the efficiency of implant placement.

This new connection is an important link within Nobel Biocare’s fully integrated digital treatment workflow which will become fully connected in 2014. Once in place, the full digital workflow will significantly increase predictability, efficiency and the quality of patient care at every step of the treatment process.

Learn more about NobelClinician Software and OsseoCare Pro at or

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