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Whitepaper Reveals Link between Dentists and High Risk of Hearing Loss

Posted on Wednesday, October 9, 2013

BING Innovations, the exclusive provider of the DentalVibe® Injection Comfort System, has released a whitepaper, 'Dentists and Decibels: Why Hearing Loss is a Real Concern for Dentists... and How to Prevent It'. The whitepaper explores a typical dentist's office while discussing the various equipment decibel levels that dentists and their support staff are subjected to every day.

With a clinical look at hearing impairment, including its causes, symptoms, and complications, the new white paper explains why dentists are at especially high risk for occupational hearing loss. Indeed, it's happening all too often, and dentists will get a look at the statistics in this revealing new presentation, which is free to healthcare providers nationwide.

There is generally no treatment and no cure for loss of hearing. Related conditions such as tinnitus, the ringing in ones ear in the absence of corresponding external sound, often cannot be alleviated. Fortunately, prevention is possible, especially for dentists. New studies are underway to find the safest technologies and treatment protocols to protect dentists' hearing. DentalVibe's latest white paper argues that occupational hearing loss does not have to be inevitable for dentists, while equipping dental professionals with the tips and techniques in preventing hearing loss and make their practice a safe and productive one.

The enlightening new document offers a number of insightful features for dentists, including:

  • Hearing Loss Explained: The white paper is designed to provide dentists with a comprehensive, medical understanding of hearing loss and exactly how it happens, particularly in the context of exposure to occupational noise in the dental operatory.

  • Signs and Symptoms: Early detection is half the battle in preventing further hearing impairment. DentalVibe's whitepaper offers warning signs that dentists should look for and when to seek help.

  • Why Dentists?: Dentists aren't the only professionals at risk for occupational hearing loss, but this whitepaper explains why the profession is among the most susceptible to deafness.

  • Decibel Comparison Chart: The whitepaper's table comparing dental tools to everyday household objects makes for an eye-opening revelation about the decibel dangers in many dental practices.

  • Facts and Statistics: Compelling data illuminates just how significant the problem of dental hearing loss and unsafe decibel exposure in the dentist's office really is.

  • Prevention How-To: Learn simple steps, screening, and new technologies that dentists can employ to guard themselves against the peril of occupational hearing loss.

The whitepaper can be downloaded free of charge in PDF format.

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