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Tom's of Maine Introduces New Naturally Clean Toothbrush

Posted on Wednesday, October 9, 2013

KENNEBUNK, Maine, /PRNewswire/ -- Tom's of Maine, the leading natural oral care brand, is introducing a more natural option for the everyday brushing routine with the launch of its new Naturally Clean toothbrush. With a plant-based handle made from renewable castor oil plants instead of petroleum, the Naturally Clean toothbrush also has dye-free, multi-height bristles to clean between teeth and along the gum line.

Good for people and the planet, the Tom's of Maine Naturally Clean toothbrush is a reminder that some lifestyle changes are simple to implement. To celebrate the launch, Tom's of Maine is inviting consumers to tweet their pledge to make a simple switch to @TomsofMaine using the hashtag #naturallyclean. 

"Making a more natural toothbrush that is also effective is harder than you might think," said Paul Jessen, associate oral care brand manager at Tom's of Maine. "Our consumers have been asking us for a toothbrush for years, but it took time to make sure we could deliver a plant-based solution that also provides the efficacy and durability people expect from a toothbrush."

Tom's of Maine Naturally Clean toothbrush is BPA-free #7 plastic and is available with soft or medium bristles in unique green, blue or purple hues with mineral-based pigments. It is recyclable through the Tom's of Maine TerraCycle collection Program, which gathers toothbrushes as well as a wide array of personal care product packaging and recycles them into useful products like picnic tables and park benches to prevent waste from reaching landfills.

"We hope that our new toothbrush will get people to rethink what they're using every day and realize that a simple switch can be good for them, their families and their world," said Jessen.

Tom's of Maine has partnered with Starre Vartan, founder and author of The Eco Chick Guide to Life: How to Be Fabulously Green, who recommends the following easy ways to create a more eco-friendly bathroom:

  • Switch out products you use every day to more natural options. In addition to the Tom's of Maine toothbrush, try towels made from organic cotton, which has been grown without pesticides and harmful chemicals that often damage local ecosystems  

  • Rethink what you put down the drain. Everything that goes down a drain has the potential to end up in bodies of water we rely on for our communities and as a home to animals and fish. Natural cleaning products like baking soda are an effective solution for scrubbing toilets, tubs and sinks.

  • Toss the plastic poofs. Natural loofahs or sponges are gentler on the skin and will biodegrade (you can even compost them!) once you need to replace them.

  • Forget fancy shave gels and go for good quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Almond Oil, which doubles as a shaving cream. Just apply to legs in the shower, shave, and your legs are already moisturized! Men's razors have less expensive razor heads and are a cost-effective way to avoid disposable razors.  

  • Hang towels to dry right after you've showered and they won't get smelly, which means you are more likely to use them longer and cut down on washing. For a trick to save electricity, you can hang towels to air dry post-laundry and just put them in the dryer for 2-3 minutes before you fold them since it's the motion of the dryer not the actual heat that makes them soft and fluffy.

The Tom's of Maine Naturally Clean Toothbrush is now available at  and at select retailers for a suggested retail price of $3.99. As with all Tom's of Maine products, 10% of profits are donated back to the community.

About Tom's of Maine

Tom's of Maine is a leading natural products company focused on oral and personal care. Tom's of Maine sells high-quality toothpaste, mouthwash, toothbrushes, dental floss, deodorant and bar soap products. The company has a long-standing commitment to supporting people, communities and the living planet. For over 42 years, Tom's of Maine has sponsored hundreds of nonprofit efforts by giving 10% of its profits back to organizations that support human and environmental goodness and by encouraging employees to use 5% (12 days) of employee time to volunteer. Tom's of Maine employees regularly contribute to the company's high sustainability standards. Their ideas, from wind power to ways to improve recycled and recyclable packaging options, are critical to the company's sensitive way of doing business. Tom's of Maine products are vegan, Kosher, Halal-certified and all packaging is recyclable through a partnership with upcycling leader TerraCycle or participating municipalities. Visit us online at or at

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