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Survey: Los Angeles Ranks No. 1 in Flossing

Posted on Wednesday, October 9, 2013


MARYVILLE, Tenn. (March 6, 2013) – Los Angeles was named the No. 1 city in the nation for flossing, according to the newly released “Look Who’s Flossing” Survey by DenTek. Nearly 45% of those surveyed there reported flossing at least once a day.

“We commissioned this consumer opinion survey to drill down into flossing habits and behaviors in America’s biggest cities,” said Charlotte Havely, vice president of marketing for DenTek, a national leader in oral care products. “About 35% of people we talked to are frequent flossers, which is very encouraging.”

After Los Angeles, Boston ranks as the next best city for flossing, according to the survey, followed by Detroit, Miami/Ft. Lauderdale, and Atlanta. Cleveland has the worst incidence of flossing.

The survey, conducted in January 2013, found the biggest reason for not flossing is simply not thinking about it (27%).

Additional survey findings include: 1 in 10 respondents reported never flossing; three-fourths of flossers reported flossing in their home bathroom, but 11% said they will floss anywhere.

Reasons people floss are: for overall health (37%); recommended by dentist/hygienist (25%); to protect dental investments (19%).

“Health benefits usually come to mind when it comes to flossing, but more and more people are starting to understand the money savings aspect, too. If you take care of your teeth, by brushing and flossing regularly, you can alleviate pain down the road – in your mouth and your wallet,” said Havely.

About DenTek’s “Look Who’s Flossing” Survey:

Mizzouri, LLC, an independent marketing research company, was commissioned to conduct a nationally representative survey in 20 major metropolitan areas in the U.S. to learn more about consumer views on flossing and oral care. The survey was conducted in January 2013. The full survey can be requested through DenTek’s media contacts.

Source: DenTek

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