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Study Finds New Iodine Mouthwash May Impact LDL Cholesterol

Posted on Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Biomedical Development Corporation (BDC) on April 23 will present data to the American Academy of Oral Medicine showing that its oral rinse was safe and effective at fighting gingivitis in a recent clinical trial. But the most surprising finding of the study was that users of the oral rinse showed lower LDL cholesterollevels than the placebo group, according to Medical News Today.

"We didn't expect to see any difference in LDL cholesterol," said Dr. Charles Gauntt, the study's principal investigator. "We expected to see improvements in oral health, and we did. But we also monitored a number of biological markers for inflammation. The results showed the oral rinse had no adverse effects and users exhibited lower levels of LDL, or what many people know as bad cholesterol. This definitely merits further study."

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