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Social Media Platforms Ask Dental Patients to Consider “What’s in Their Mouths”

Posted on Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Tallahassee, Fla. – Dental patients have more to worry about than flossing and brushing daily – the restorations they put in their mouths have a direct impact on their overall health. As a result, the National Association of Dental Laboratories (NADL) is promoting transparency in dentistry and the role and value of trained dental technicians with the release of its new website and social media outlets. NADL will use its new website and social media platforms to serve as the foundation for its ongoing public awareness campaign, “What’s In Your Mouth?”

“It’s important for dentists and patients to have a full understanding of where their dental restorations are coming from and what materials are used in the process,” said Henry Martin, CDT, NADL President. “Restorations from certified dental labs meet national and industry standards. Problems occur when restorations are not made in certified dental labs.”

Poorly-made dental restorations – whether made in America or abroad – can lead to a range of health consequences for patients, and in turn, legal consequences for dentists. Growing demand for dental work in America has created a market that features both high-end and economy-priced work. Dental restorations increasingly are being imported from countries like China, India and Vietnam. Depending on the country, those dental laboratories may not be subject to the same scrutiny that domestic laboratories receive from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Domestic labs remain unregulated in more than 40 states.

Prior to launching its campaign, NADL spent 18 months facilitating a series of focus group meetings and conducted national surveys with the dental laboratory industry to gather information about the current status of dental laboratories and their products. The purpose of the “What’s in Your Mouth?” campaign is to provide dental consumers, dentists and the dental laboratory community with the knowledge they need to make important purchasing decisions. NADL launched its new website ( and created a YouTube page for its informational videos ( this month.

“We are excited about the formal launch of our new website and YouTube videos,” said Gary Iocco, NADL President Elect and Co-Chair of NADL’s Public Awareness Committee. “We hope to use social media to spread awareness about the critical role of the certified dental technician.”

“It’s our hope that the public will hear our message and share our videos and website with their friends and followers,” said Leon Hermanides, CDT, NADL Board Member and Co-Chair of NADL’s Public Awareness Committee.

For information on the campaign, please visit the NADL website:

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